Essential Guide to Chinatown NYC

Play, Travel / 23 September 2015
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Essential Guide to Chinatown NYC

Play, Travel / 23 September 2015

The infamous Chinatown NYC is full of gems just waiting to be found. The streets are full of Chinese green grocers, fish mongers, jewellers and numerous street stalls selling knock off brands of bags and perfumes. Throw caution to the wind and head down steaming alley ways and lanes to discover bars and cafes with absolutely delicious food, beverages and dance floors. It’s a crazy place that opens up for the brave and curious. Here’s a few to get you started !

Wo Hop

At one point in NYC you will need to eat Chinese at 5am. Wo Hop is waiting for you on Mott St. Enter through the underground door where you can sample some greasy, tasty, authentic American Chinese food. Try the deep fried dumplings, you gotta do it.


BAR 169

Welcome to China town’s underwater funk town, filled with oddities and blasting bluesy tunes – you can kick back or throw back some shooters and hit the dance floor. It’s amazing that this place has been open for 100 years serving up the best in soul, funk and oysters. Here’s to 100 more, at least !


Forget Me Not

No way you will forget this American-Mediterranean brunch spot. Fresh homemade lemonade with ginger syrup is super refreshing during NYC summer and big open windows make you want to laze for days. The menu is full of crowd pleasers and the walls are covered in eccentric collectables. If you’re feeling like something fresh and crunchy the salad selection is very pleasing!



If you don’t mind spending a bit of cash, then this place is your jam. A clandestine and apothecary themed bar, the interior is impeccable. Same goes for the cocktails that literally appear in front of you amidst smoke and golden lights, the finale to one elaborate and well rehearsed artistic performance. Needless to say it would make one hell of a first date. It’s one of the newest underground ‘secret’ bars on the circuit and well worth a visit.


Happy Endings

Damn, disco is making a come back and it’s in full swing at Happy Endings. Upstairs is great for a flirt or low key drink. If you feel like getting groovy on the raging dance floor head downstairs to enjoy a range of funky, 80s discoteque DJs pulling out hot drops for the all night jivers.