Drive-In Concerts Are Bringing Live Music Back To Australia This Winter

Festivals, Melbourne, Play, Sydney / 5 June 2020

Tune in to live gigs from your car with 8 new drive-in venues launching across Australia this winter.

In The Time Before, heading out to a gig was something we didn’t think twice about. Crowding into neighbourhood bars, stadiums and theatres were the norm, and something we’d look forward to doing. From international acts to emerging local artists, live gigs were a way to connect with fellow music lovers and have a boogie. But today, we’re a long way off live music returning in that same form. However, we’ve found an alternative event that we’re excited to share with you.

Say hello to Drive-In Entertainment, the team behind Australia’s first COVID-safe theatre venues. These new events are set to revive the retro drive-in events of old, giving Australians the chance to experience live entertainment from the comfort of their car.

The team has already hosted their first drive-in live gig, with Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan putting on a sold-out free show in Sydney’s Robyn Webster Sports Centre in Tempe in May 2020. The first event sets a promising tone for the future of live music in a post-COVID world, giving many artists the opportunity to perform to crowds at a safe distance once again.

Drive-In Entertainment Australia plans to launch a string of events in winter 2020, with the company putting on concerts from July. Each event will welcome up to 600 people in 300 cars, with 8 sites to be confirmed across NSW and Victoria. Plus, the team has flagged potential sites in other states, depending on the success of these events.

The concept is simple: attendees drive into the venue, park their car and tune into the gig through an FM radio and watch from their vehicle. Although dates and events are yet to be announced, Drive-In Entertainment Australia is taking registrations from gigs online from Saturday, July 18th onwards. To find out more, click here.

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