An Epic Drive-In Cinema Screening Nostalgic Disney Flicks Is Opening In Sydney

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play, Sydney / 16 February 2022

Watch Lion King, Mulan, Princess Diaries, 10 Things I Hate About You and more at the Disney+ Drive-In next month!

We can all agree that drive-in events have been a positive to come out of COVID-19. From drive-in concerts to rooftop drive-in cinemas, we’ve seen plenty of inventive ways to get us out and about in the midst of a pandemic. The best part? Since you’re sitting in your car, there’s no need to even get out of your pajamas! This Autumn, Openair Cinemas are bringing back the Disney+ Drive-In cinema to an all-new, even bigger location!

This beloved cinema that brought in thousands of people last year is happening at the Commbank Stadium from Sunday 6th of March till Tuesday 12th of April. Films will run every single night. Expect a stack of nostalgic favourites to be on the program including Frozen, The Devil Wears Prada, Pretty Woman, The Emperors New Groove, Beauty & The Beast, The Parent Trap and more.

Tickets for these sessions are priced per car with tickets starting at $42.53 for a single film with 5 people in the car (split 5 ways we think that’s a pretty good deal). Plus, there are also food and drink vendors on site along with hot food available for delivery via DoorDash.

Find out more and get your tickets here