Christmas Party Do’s and Don’ts!

Cool Sh*t, Play / 2 December 2015

The Work Christmas Party certainly puts the silly into silly season, as you and your colleagues heartily get into the “Christmas spirit”. But too much Christmas sprit and you may find yourself on the naughty list, with no way to redeem your reputation. To save yourself from another year of torture from your work mates, be prepared with our list of 10 things not to do at your Christmas Party!


1. DON’T drink too much of the Christmas spirit

It may be on the boss’ tab but don’t start chugging wine like it’s water in the desert.

2. DON’T hook up with a co-worker 

You may seem like star-crossed lovers under the mistletoe, but next week back at work, things may get a little awkward. Maybe save it for a time that doesn’t involve copious amounts of alcohol.

3. DON’T leave your Kris Kringle to the last minute

“Oh wow, a used packet of post-it notes and twelve dollars fifty in change, you shouldn’t have!” As a foodie, you can think of thousands of cool gift ideas to make and find so don’t be lazy. Check out our Christmas gift guide here for some inspiration.


4. DON’T glue your phone to your hand 

Remove yourself from technology for one night and just be in the moment. Plus you don’t need 500 selfies of you and Deb from accounts doing duck face.

5. DON’T talk to the same people 

Don’t just talk to the people you’ve talked to all year. The Christmas party is the best way to approach new people in the office. This may benefit you in the future with things like lifts home, promotions, a spare kidney, the list goes on.

6. DON’T make any unrehearsed speeches 

Leave roasting for the chicken and the turkey. What may be a funny joke about the boss to you might put you on a slippery slope that no amount of sorry flowers can fix.


7. DON’T ditch it for Netflix and Messina 

It may be your go-to after a long and hard day but no matter how good Gilmore Girls is getting, you definitely shouldn’t ditch your Christmas Party (even though Messina now does home delivery). Turn your Netflix and Chill into Conversations with Bill!

8. DON’T Bring up politics, religion, deeply personal stuff 

Keep it superficial and G-rated for a wholesome, good time. Don’t start any arguments at what is meant to be the happiest time of the year!

9. DON’T insist on doing karaoke 

Nobody wants to hear your rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart. Again.

Karen drinking

10. DON’T pull out the tequila! 

As the old saying goes: one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. Avoid tequila shots at all costs!