10 Bucket List Wines To Try

Drink / 12 August 2014

Bucket List Wines

With Dry July well and truly over it’s time (for those who were partaking) to get back on the wine time train.  Here’s 10 award winning wines to put on your vino bucket list and they won’t cost you a small fortune either.

1. D’arenberg ‘Dead Arm’

They have some of the oldest Shiraz, Grenache and Mourvedre vines in the region, at the top of the list is their 2009 Dead Arm Shiraz. It is a complex wine with a smoky nose and rich powerful tannins. Available at Dan Murphy’s for $70 a bottle.

2. Tomfoolery ‘Monkey Business’

A don’t-die-without-trying-it wine, Tomfoolery’s Monkey Business is a 2012 Cabernet Franc blend. It is a juicy, blackberry and spice characterised wine with subtle tannins and a clever name! Matured for 24 months in seasoned french oak barrels that gives it a nice sweetness. Only available through cellar door for $50 a bottle.

3. Grosset ‘Polish Hill’ 

If your a big Riesling fan this one is for you. Usually an aged Riesling isn’t my first pick but Grosset Polish Hill 1999 Riesling is ridiculously elegant. Buttered toast characters with intense citrus flavours and a crisp and dry finish. Available at Dan Murphy’s it’ll set you back $70 a bottle.

4. Andrew Thomas ‘Kiss’

Thomas Wines released four different Shiraz’s in the same month however the 2011 Kiss Shiraz was by far the best. It is medium bodied but intense, massive fruit flavours with loads of savoury notes too. It’s one of those wines that grow more interesting the longer it sits out to breathe. Only available through cellar door for $60 a bottle.

5. Scarborough ‘I.M Red’

Predominantly Petit Verdot with a touch of Merlot, Cabernet and Shiraz this is a soft and juicy, fruit driven wine. It shows perfectly how many varietals can make one beautiful wine. Only available through cellar door for $30 a bottle.

6. Oakridge 864 ‘Single Block Release’ 

The Oakridge 864 2012 Chardonnay was made with a few little tweaks in the fermentation and ageing process that has enabled it to retain a high natural acidity. It has intense fruit flavours with a creamy texture but an exciting acidic firmness. Only available through cellar door for $75 a bottle.

7. Piggs Peake ‘Wolfie’

This boutique Hunter Valley winery is a winner. The Piggs Peake 2009 Wolfie Zinfandele has so many aromas and beautiful sweet fruits like rhubarb. This is one you can enjoy with rich, decadent desserts. Available through cellar door for $55 a bottle.

8. Brokenwood Wines ‘Graveyard’ 

Brokenwood’s 1998 Graveyard Shiraz is a typical Hunter Valley red – earthy and full of dark berry fruits but this wine has lovely hints of oak and leather also. Limited availability through Dan Murphy’s for a measly $170 a bottle!

9. Torbeck ‘Descendant’

Torbeck is well known for their blends and this wine is no different. The 1998 Descendant is a mix of Shiraz and Viognier, it has a powerful nose of blackberry and lavender and silk smooth tannins. Only available at Dan Murphy’s for $130 a bottle.

10. Dalwhinnie ‘Eagle’

This wine has the ability to age for a long time, the 2001 Dalwhinnie Eagle Shiraz is big and bold with a sweet nose and a spicy and peppery quality you want from a good Shiraz. Limited availability at Dan Murphy’s for $150 a bottle.