Allen’s Jelly Tots Are Back!

Cool Sh*t / 21 August 2015

Do not fret Australia, your favourite Allen’s lolly- Jelly Tots are back!!

Since last been since in 2004, Jelly Tots are back by popular demand. Jelly Tots are mini fruit-flavoured jellies. There is also a new lolly for you to try- Tangy Tots, juicy fruit-flavoured jellies with a tangy coating on the outside.


However, they’ve had a bit of a makeover since you’ve last seen them! There is no artificial colours so you can enjoy them without feeling too guilty! The packs have been re-designed to feature the names of real ingredients rather than confusing numbers, as well as digital QR codes that link to more in-depth nutritional information.

ALLEN’S new Jelly Tots and Tangy Tots will be in stores in Australia from August 2015. Available in Coles (from 19/08), Woolworths (from 09/09), and Independent supermarkets (from 24/08). RRP $2.95.

For information visit Nestlé, Allen’s Facebook and Allen’s Instagram pages.

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