The All Blacks In-Flight Safety Video

Cool Sh*t / 19 August 2015

Air New Zealand know how to make oxygen masks and inflatable life-rafts cool. Their 2014 in-flight safety video saw Frodo boarding the plane safely to Middle Earth, and this time around it’s the Men in (All) Black pointing you to your nearest emergency exit.

Sony Pictures pulled out the big guns on all domestic and international flights with current members of the All Blacks Rugby Team Coach Steve Hansen, Captain Richie McGaw, and fly-half Dan Carter doing the safety dance. Australian Idol winner Stan Walker as well as Rugby rivals (former Wallabies winger David Campese and ex-England captain Martin Johnson) are also stop-drop and rolling throughout the video.

Keep your eyes peeled for some intergalactic cameo appearances from ‘Zed’ (the original chief of the Men in Black) and Frank the pug.