Meet Wine Journey, The Digital Wine Store Taking Your Tastebuds To Your Dream Wine Destinations

/ 1 February 2021

Score an adventure in a box with Wine Journey, the new travel-inspired wine retailer.

Want to take a trip through Tuscany, sail the Rhine River, or make a full-bodied foray through the Barossa Valley? While all of us are craving a dose of travel, you can score just that thanks to this new wanderlust-inspired wine retailer.

Say hello to Wine Journey, the new digital wine destination delivering the world’s top wines to your doorstep. Unlike other digital wine stores, Wine Journey focuses on taking Aussies on an “adventure in a box”, which dives into the location, history, and producers of each drop.

Head online and book your spot on one of their Signature Wine Journeys, designed to bring you the joy of a real-world immersive wine tour from the comfort of your home. Each journey has been carefully curated by founder Amanda Beck (with over a decade of experience in fine wine) revealing a half-dozen regional wine specialties, delivered to your door.

In fact, each bottle has been handpicked to show a specific aspect of the locale, allowing Journeyers to compare and contrast regional differences. Instead of focusing on tasting notes, you’ll find postcards in each box explaining the history of each winery and what makes the region one-of-a-kind.

Along with these Signature Wine Journeys, you can also make one-off purchases by the case from Wine Journey. These Highlights Tours packs include expertly curated mixed cases focused on particular regions or varietals. Or why not opt for a single bottle via their a la carte offering.

Capturing the imagination and excitement of adventure and travel, Wine Journey is one of the most exciting new wine retailers giving Australians the chance to appreciate unique wine regions and makers from home.

Wine Journeys start at $179 with six bottles delivered. Inaugural Journeys depart from February 8th 2021 and are available for purchase online.