WIN a case of Handpicked Wines’ Prosecco

Competitions, Drink, Sydney / 30 November 2016

Celebrate this Christmas with a free case of Prosecco on us!

Free booze is reason enough to celebrate. Though because we’re giving away 6 bottles of Handpicked Wines’ finest Prosecco, you may want to invite a few more people over. We’ve decided to play Santa Claus this year and sort out your Christmas booze, so there’s one thing ticked off your list!

The Handpicked Wines winemakers describe this Prosecco as “a dry, palate pleasing Italian Prosecco with citrus fruit flavours, vibrant acidity and persistent bubbles”. Which sounds exactly like what we would like to be sipping on in the Christmas Day sunshine.

With a crisper finish and a refreshing aroma, this sparkling white wine is the perfect accompaniment to Christmas lunch or dinner in this warm Sydney weather. This wine has been picked from the vineyards of Italy, and can be sent directly to your doorstep!

Prosecco also happens to be perfect for a seafood party! Fresh seafood, sashimi and Parmesan cheese are the dishes that the Handpicked Wines experts specifically curated this wine for. So you won’t have to make any adjustments to your Christmas seafood menu. Though, we’d love to hear about what else you’d like to pair this quality Prosecco with. So if you’ve got a great idea for Christmas lunch, read our competition below!


To be in the running to win a free case (6 bottles) of Handpicked Wine’s Prosecco, valued at $27.99 per bottle:

  1. Follow @eatdrinkplaysyd (if you’re in Sydney) or @eatdrinkplaymelb (if you’re in Melbourne) and @handpickedwines on Instagram
  2. Search for the image pictured below
  3. Tag your Christmas drinking buddy
  4. Tell us about your favourite Christmas dish to go with all your bottles of Prosecco!

We’ll be drawing the winners on Monday 12th December, so make sure you keep refreshing your Instagram DM’s! If your description of your favourite Christmas dish has us salivating then you’ll be hearing from the @eatdrinkplaysyd Instagram very soon. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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