You Can Now Opt For Conversation-Free Trips With Uber Comfort

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Sydney / 2 March 2020

Take your Uber trip to the next level with Uber Comfort, bringing Aussie customers luxe new ride features.

How did we get from A to B before Uber? It’s hard to imagine a world where we can’t order a ride directly to our door in minutes. In fact, it’s fair to say on-demand ride-sharing apps like Uber have saved us from waiting for the nightrider bus home or trekking to the train station in the pouring rain. And things are set to only get more convenient with this latest announcement from the team at Uber.

Say hello to Uber Comfort, the brand new ride option now available to Australian users. The feature is a welcome new addition to Uber’s existing ride options, including Uber Pool (allowing users to share your ride for a discounted rate) and UberX (private rides at affordable prices).

Uber Comfort is a premium option connecting riders with some of the app’s most experienced, top-rated drivers with the newest car models. The feature hopes to give riders a more comfortable in-car experience with a string of additional features never before released on the app. The service comes at a premium, with additional charges incurred for users who select the Uber Comfort option. But, just quietly, we think this is definitely worth the surcharge.

Using Uber Comfort’s ride preferences, you can choose everything from what temperature you would like the car on arrival to whether you’d like to chat or focus on work using ‘Quiet Mode’. That’s right, you can politely save yourself the small talk with your driver if you’re in the middle of responding to important emails during your ride.

Plus, you can even unlock extended pick-up times, which allows riders to have a bit more time before they are charged a cancellation fee.

Uber Comfort is now available in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Canberra. To find out more, click here.