How to do the Canadian Rockies

Travel / 30 August 2016
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How to do the Canadian Rockies

Travel / 30 August 2016

Get lost in the wild amongst the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are like the Machu Picchu of the North. Gargantuan in size and height they make you think differently about the origins of nature and life. Stretching throughout North America and Canada the Rockies compromise of magnificent high peaks and heartbreakingly blue lakes. Here are a few insider tips for visiting this magical spot in the summer time, off the beaten track.

Rent A Tent

Canadian Rockies camping

If this is part of a larger trip, chances are you won’t have everything you need to be a self sustainable camper. Rent a Tent is a delivery service that brings you everything you will need from a propane gas cooker to rope for a washing line (and of course a tent ). The service is incredible, convenient and affordable. Make sure you ask for some personal tips because these guys know what they are talking about when it comes to camping in the Canadian Rockies.

Takkakaw Falls

Canadian Rockies waterfall

If you’re looking for a surreal camping experience at the base of a thundering waterfall, Takkakaw Falls is on point. This is a more secluded, removed option from the likes of neighbouring Banff sites. Around Takkakaw you will find numerous falls and hikes for all different levels. Our favourite was the hike to the top of Twin Falls past the glaciers El Presidente and Whale Back. The environment is breath taking and the hikes is challenging but well worth it !

Spray Lakes

Canadian Rockies landscape

Fancy falling asleep to the sound of coyote calls and distant mountain groans? Spray lakes is a favourite amongst the local Canadian campers. A dusty long, winding road will take you up to Spray Lakes, a wide expanse of ice blue water surrounded by shale mountains and rock face. Unlike other sites there is a sandy shore and grassy fields which makes it a stellar spot to picnic, star gaze and swim !

Lake O’Hara

Canadian Rockies river

Wow. It’s hard to capture the beauty of this natural phenomenon in words, in fact it’s near impossible, even for the likes of Coleridge, but we’ll give it our best shot anyway. It’s as if all the worlds greatest natural architects got together and dreamed into reality the most spectacular site of towering ice capped mountains,pines, waterfalls and the lake, the gorgeous aquamarine lake. You can walk around the circumference in about 30mins or head up to the rim and enjoy a day hike and an awe inspiring 360 degree perspective. It’s a common misconception that unless you have a spot on the bus to Lake O’Hara (which books out months and months in advance) that you won’t have the chance to experience natures best. Well we tried and tested the 11km hike up and if you’re willing to sweat it out, you can visit lake O’Hara on any given day. Added bonus is that after the hike up you will be more than ready to jump into those glacial pools! Yee haa !

All images © Rebecca Levy