The world’s first cheese conveyor belt restaurant has opened

Cool Sh*t, Eat / 11 September 2019

You better brie-lieve it. A ‘sushi train’ dedicated exclusively to cheese has graced London locals.

Praise Cheesus! We’ve gouda story for you. The world’s first cheese conveyer-belt restaurant has officially opened its doors and it has got the hearts of cheese lovers from across the globe melting.

Opening in London’s West End at Seven Dials Market, Pick & Cheese lets you take a seat bar side and gaze longingly into the perpetually rotating 40-metre belt of cheesy goodness. Take your pick from more than 25 British cheese varieties, each paired with individual condiments and small producer wines.

Since opening on 7th September, all 38 seats at the innovative new restaurant have been filled every night of the week. If you miss out on a bar seat, Pick & Cheese also have two booths seating up to 6 people, which also have access to the belt.

Reminiscent of the much loved sushi train, plates at Pick & Cheese are colour coded by price and start from AUD $5 for a sweet and nutty Mayfield cheese. They go as high as AUD $11 per plate for a bresaola made in Tottenham.

The restaurant is the brainchild of the Cheese Bar, a restaurant in London’s Camden Market.

“At Pick & Cheese, we want to show that cheese and wine bars don’t have to be boring and can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you’re dropping in for a quick plate of British cheese and a glass of something unusual, or settling in for a cheese flight and a bottle of natural wine,” Mathew Carver, founder of The Cheese Bar, told CNN Travel.

Need further reason to make a quick trip London way? We will see you there.