Score Picnic-Ready Spritzed Cocktails From The Everleigh Bottling Co.

Drink, Melbourne, Sydney / 14 October 2020

Sip your way through delicious pre-batched spritzed cocktails this spring.

Picnics are set to be the preferred way to drink and dine this summer. We’ve already seen COVID-friendly social distancing circles landing in parks across Australia, giving all of us a reason to grab the picnic basket and lap up the summer sun. And now, we’ve found the perfect ready-to-go cocktail you need to add to your picnic swag.

The crew from award-winning hospitality group Made in the Shade have just revealed a brand new range of The Everleigh Bottling Co. cocktails. Meet Spritzed Cocktails, a light and lively range of drinks perfect for the summer months. Designed to be sipped straight from the bottle, these top-notch carbonated drinks just need to be chilled and then they’re ready to drink.

You’d probably already be familiar with the pre-batched cocktails crafted by The Everleigh Bottling Co. Since 2015, institutional Melbourne bar The Everleigh has been transporting its world-class cocktails from bar to bottle.

Over the years, The Everleigh Bottling Co. has been delivering world-class bottled cocktails, made to the same standards as you’d expect at The Everleigh bar. And now, this new Spritzed Cocktails range offers delicious sparkling drinks inspired by vintage Italian sodas, designed to be enjoyed during the summer months.

First up we have the Americano (Campari, sweet vermouth & sparkling water; $48 per 4-pack/$13 per cocktail), born in the Italian piazzas of the 1860s. Expect a light, lower-ABV drink perfect for sunset drinking.

Next up is the fresh, clean, and oh-so-drinkable French 75 (gin, lemon & sparkling wine; $48 per 4-pack/$13 per cocktail). It’s a classic French combination dating back to the 1900s, perfect for celebrating any occasion.

Save the date: The Everleigh Bottling Co’s Spritzed Cocktails range will be available for purchase from October 31st 2020. To score your perfect summer drink, click here.