Zona Azzurri Alexandria, Review

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 19 March 2018

From footballs to vino and pasta, Zona Azzurri is a passionate Italian’s paradise.

Is there anything more Italian than mouth-watering pasta and a passion for football? Zona Azzurri’s enthusiasm for everything Italy is infectious. Here, everyone is welcome to share in bowls fresh produce and a warm family oriented atmosphere. Situated in the bustling heart of Alexandria, Zona Azzurri’s authentic dining experience may be simple, but this eatery still takes an appreciation of Italy to the next level.
zona azzuri
The restaurant is part of the Ultra Football warehouse, the world’s largest store for football lovers. Whilst the warehouse’s interactive sport zones and plethora of merchandise may distract some diners, the grandeur of the dining area beckons curiosity. With sweeping shades of black and wine racks as high as the eye can see , Zona Azzurri omits a colossal atmosphere. Take a seat in the main dining area, and gaze up at the gleaming open kitchen propped above the main dining space.
After tantalising Melbourne with his love of all things Italy, Zona Azzurri’s founder and manager Riccardo Bianchini relocated to Sydney; bringing with him a two tonne pizza oven and a classic selection of Italian flair.
No choice is easy at Zona Azzurri. If you are eating with a crowd begin with an antipasti selection of either a Degustazione of three mozzarella ($32 for four people) or the Zona salumi board ($21) offering a platter of cured meats.
zona azzurri
The kitchen warns that the wait for seconds “will take a little longer”. But mama mia, the simple pasta dishes are more than worth the extra time you have enjoying a glass of vino. Doused in succulent cherry tomatoes imported from Sicily, the Gnocchi Datterino ($23) is plump simple perfection. The Linguine al Cartoccio ($32) offers more additions to the cherry tomato sauce with a selection of seafood tossed with flat pasta.
No Italian affair is complete without a slice of pizza. Traditional and effortless, the large pizzas will have you hankering for a holiday in Tuscany. The Buffalo ($21) is a majestic mastery of the time adored tomato, mozzarella, basil and evoo collaboration. Meanwhile the zuccotta ($23) places aromatic segments of sausage upon a delicious pumpkin spread.
The Dolci menu is sweet salvation. The sweet pizza ($12) sources inspiration from Belgium, combining a white chocolate spread with fresh strawberry slices. If you have reached a point of pizza overload, then opt for the Gelto Misto ($9).
At Zona Azzurri the emphasis is on an experience in which everyone can share. For every adult plate on the menu, there is a kids dish to match.
Serving simply good Italian food is an art, and Zona Azzurri has mastered it. Whether you come for the soccer field, the vino or the classic creations, you will be sure to hang around for the heart-warming atmosphere.
For more information, you can check out Zona Azzurri’s official website here
Zona Azzurri
160 Bourke Road, Alexandria, NSW 2015
02 9669 4741