Instagram Transforms the Young Rich List 2017

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 8 November 2017
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Instagram Transforms the Young Rich List 2017

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 8 November 2017

The Young Rich List has been released proving once again that age and experience are no barrier to making a solid quid.

Reported annually by the Australian Financial Review, there appears to be a common theme amongst this year’s Young Rich List. Apart from youthful energy and technology know-how, Instagram could be the secret behind some of the millennials get rich schemes.
Forget flashy advertisements and cheesy billboards. Young entrepreneurs are turning to social media to appeal to younger audiences. From the fashionistas to the wine dealers, the Young Rich List is overflowing with social media savvy likers and followers.
At just 22-years-old Nik Mirkovic and his business partner Alex Tomic spent over $10million on a social media campaign to assist in the promotion of their teeth whitening company HiSmile.  With an Instagram following of over 644,000, this year the boys debuted at number 58 on the list with a wealth of $46million
Celebrity household names such as supermodel Miranda Kerr (No. 62, $44m) and Hollywood hunk Chris Hemsworth (No.54, $48m) make an appearance. But the Young Rich List is top heavy with technology wiz-kids. 38 people on the list of 100 are pioneers in the technological industry.
Atlassian Young Rich List
Co-founders of software development company Atlassian, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar, topped the list of under 40s for the sixth year in a row with an eye-watering wealth of $6.07 billion. Next were the co-owners of email marketing company Campaign Monitor, Dave Greiner & Ben Richardson, with a net-wealth of $607million.
Social media sharpness is proving to be a successful strategy for smaller business throughout Sydney. Popular foodie Instagrams are increasing the revenues of some of Sydney’s favourite cafes by almost 400%.  From The Grounds of Alexandria to XS Espresso, a strong social media campaign is now a vital attribute to a successful restaurant or cafe. Within just a few months of updating its social media strategy, XS increased its revenue by 150%. Fast forward only a few years and XS owner Roky  Gorgees is almost ready to unveil his third venue.

“Smart and constant social media marketing, combined with a good product, has been the key factor in how I’ve built a successful multi million dollar cafe brand,” says Roky.
With more people taking taking to Instagram to decide their next foodie adventure, the social media spend trend doesn’t look like its going away. From relaxing local cafes to multi-billion dollar technology corporations, the Young Rich List once again proves that staying in school isn’t always the key to success.

Click here for more info about the Young Rich List.
AFR Young Rich List 2017

1-2. Mike Cannon-Brookes & Scott Farquhar, Atlassian ($6.07b)
3-4. Dave Greiner & Ben Richardson, Campaign Monitor ($607m)
5. Tim Gurner, Gurner ($465m)
6. Owen Kerr, Pepperstone ($368m)
7. Ori Allon, Compass ($364m)
8. Sam Prince, Life Letter ($318m)
9-10. Collis & Cyan Ta’eed, Envato ($216m)
11. Luke Herbert, Linkforce Engineering ($195m)
12. Ruslan Kogan, ($169m)
13. Sean Tomlinson, Revel Systems ($154m)
14. Alistair Champion, Laser Clinics Australia ($144m)
15. Luke Anear, SafetyCulture ($134m)
16. Daniel Tartak, Bingo Industries ($130m)
17-18. Cliff Obrecht & Melanie Perkins, Canva ($128m)
19. Nick Bell, WME Group ($114m)
20-21. Sam Salter & Jason Wyatt, Marketplacer ($110m)
22. Tolga Kumova,  New Century Resources ($95m)
23-24. Andrew & Tom Dyduk, Schnitz ($95m)
25. Nicholas Molnar, Afterpay Touch Group ($95m)
26. Ronnie Elhaj, NicheLiving ($92m)
27. Mitchell Harper, Mitchell Harper International ($90m)
28. Eddie Machaalani, Bigcommerce ($87m)
29. Adam Scott, Golfer ($81m)
30. Erica Baxter, Model/Singer ($79m)
31. Andrew Bogut, Basketballer ($77m)
32. Kosta Drakopoulos, Drakk Pty Ltd ($75m)
33. Allister Lewison, OpenCorp founder ($74m)
34. Mark Woodland, Xplor ($71m)
35. Marwan Rahme, Kannbridge ($70m)
36. Tim Berry, Tibra ($70m)
37. Andrew Welsh, Welsh Group ($66m)
38-39. Josiah Humphrey & Mark McDonald, Appster ($64m)
40-41. Kayla Itsines & Tobi Pearce, Bikini Body Training Company ($63m)
42. Scott Stavretis, Acquire BPO ($63m)
43-44. Dany Milham & Mitch Taylor, Koala Mattress ($63m)
45. Karl Trouchet, CFO and executive director ($62m)
46. Rob Rowe, Unita Group ($56m)
47. David Shafer, ($56m)
48. Harry Kewell, Footballer/Crawley Town ($54m)
49. Kinsey Cotton, Tibra ($53m)
50. Guy King, RetailMeNot ($52m)
51. Wahid Ta’eed, Envato ($51m)
52. Chris Boshuizen, Data Collective ($50m)
53. Larry Diamond, zipMonney ($50m)
54. Chris Hemsworth, Actor ($48m)
55. David Mills, AGR Machinery ($48m)
56. Rory Vassallo, Vassallo Corporation ($47m)
57. Brendon Levenson, Jetts Fitness ($47m)
58-59. Nik Mirkovic & Alex Tomic, HiSmile ($46m)
60. Andrew Mitchell, Ophir Asset Management ($46m)
61. Grant Schaffer, Updater ($45m)
62. Miranda Kerr, Model/Kora Organics ($44m)
63. Jason Day, Golfer ($43m)
64-65. Tim Thompson & Dean Willemsen, Prime Build ($42m)
66-67. Tim Fung & Jonathan Lui, Airtasker ($41m)
68. Peter Nguyen-Brown, Chief technology officer Livetiles ($41m)
69. Jeremy Same, Co-founder, Lux Group ($40m)
70. Adam Schwab, Co-founder, chief executive, Lux Group ($40m)
71-72. Sam & Ryan Kroonenburg Founders, A Cloud Guru ($40m)
73. Danny Bhandari Co-founder, Tibra Capital ($40m)
74. Brent Grundy Chief executive, Flip Out ($38m)
75. Tim Cahill, Melbourne City player ($37m)
76. Atkinson Charan, Co-Founder, Australian Careers Network ($37m)
77. Joel Macdonald, Founder, GetSwift ($36m)
78. Chad Reed, Bike rider ($36m)
79. Glenn Williamson, Co-founder, Tibra Capital ($36m)
80. Ross Robinson, Founder, 36Zero ($36m)
81. Erin Deering, Co-founder, Triangl ($32m)
82. Jane Lu Founder, chief executive, Showpo ($32m)
83. Emily Skye, Founder, Emily Skye Fitness ($32m)
84. Josh Reich, Chief executive, Simple ($31m)
85. Andrew Koloadin, Founder, Digital Pacific ($31m)
86. Raphael Lamm, L1 Capital co-founder ($30m)
87. Julie Stevanja, Co-founder, Stylerunner ($30m)
88. Cameron Adams, Co-founder, Canva ($30m)
89. Justin Dry, Co-founder, Vinomofo ($30m)
90. Geoff Ogilvy, Golfer ($30m)
91. Jack Delosa, Founder, chief executive, The Entourage ($28m)
92. James Spithill, Sailor ($28m)
93. Matt Berriman, Founder, chief executive, Unlockd ($28m)
94. Tom Cowan, Partner, TDM Asset Management  ($28m)
95. Hamish Corlett, Partner, TDM Asset Management  ($28m)
96. Ben Gisz, Partner, TDM Asset Management ($28m)
97. Ben Seale, Seale Group ($27m)
98. Sam Chandler, Founder, chief executive, Nitro ($27m)
99. Joe Andon, Founder, Vuly Trampolines ($25m)
100. Jordan Grives, Founder, Fonebox ($25m)