Willie The Boatman’s 10th Beer & Food Truck Festival

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 25 October 2023

Willie The Boatman is gearing up to celebrate a decade of craft beer excellence with its 10th Beer & Food Truck Festival.

Established in 2014, Willie the Boatman has firmly etched its name as a cornerstone of Sydney’s craft beer landscape. Over the course of a decade, the brewery has not only earned a plenitude of awards and accolades but has also fostered a vibrant and close-knit community, all united by their shared passion for craft beer. It’s a treasured haven for craft beer enthusiasts nestled in the heart of St Peters.

Mark your calendars for the 10th Beer & Food Truck Festival, set to grace us on Saturday, the 28th of October 2023. This day promises to immerse attendees in the crème de la crème of regional brews, delicious food offerings from across Sydney, a live musical backdrop, and a heartwarming ambiance that extends a welcoming embrace to friends, families, and even our four-legged companions.

Willie the Boatman’s Beer and Food Truck Festival stands as a gathering of esteemed craft beer virtuosos hailing from the scenic corners of regional New South Wales. Among the participants are Six String from Gosford, Seejer Brewing from Wollongong, Stoic from Gerringgong, and Social Brewers from Mortdale.

Founder Pat McInerney encapsulates his enthusiasm for this annual extravaganza, “There are some remarkable breweries beyond the city, and this year, Willie the Boatman’s Beer and Food Truck Festival is dedicated to championing these talented brewers who are seldom seen on taps or in fridges across the inner west.”

Esteemed food vendors such as That’s Amore, Satay Brothers, Jinny Burger, Chips on a Stick, and Volkwurst will be on hand, presenting everything from wood-fired pizza to delectable burgers, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every culinary inclination after a few beers.

Tickets are just $15 per person. Join us in celebrating a decade of craft beer excellence at Willie the Boatman’s 10th Beer and Food Truck Festival this Saturday! Find out more here.