The Pricey Plunge Into Water Degustations

Drink, Sydney / 15 May 2024
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The Pricey Plunge Into Water Degustations

Drink, Sydney / 15 May 2024

Would You Pay $70 for a Water Degustation?

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen those “wine pairing dinners” where a sommelier in a vest whispers about “notes of blackberry” and “earthy undertones.” Fancy, sure. But what if we told you the latest pairing trend isn’t about grapes – it’s about good old-fashioned H2O?

Yes, folks, water degustations are a thing. High-end restaurants are upping the ante, offering multi-course water pairings with prices that can make your wallet weep all for the privilege of sipping on… well, water. Fine dining establishment Honey Badger in New York offers a Hunter’s Moon prix-fixe menu that boasts a cool $70 water pairing alongside their, presumably, already impressive courses. So, is this the height of culinary absurdity, or a strangely cool way to experience your meal?

Beyond The Basics

We all know water keeps us hydrated, but have you ever considered it has a “bouquet”Apparently, there’s a whole world of subtle flavours and aromas lurking in that glass.  Imagine a still water with a whisper of minerality, perfectly complementing your seared scallops. Or a sparkling number, its lively bubbles cutting through the richness of decadent truffle risotto. Water pairings aim to be the missing link, elevating your meal by highlighting hidden notes in each course.

Enter the Water Sommelier

Forget grape varietals, these days it’s all about mineral content and pH levels. Water sommeliers are the new rockstars of the dining scene, trained to discern the subtle nuances of Fiji versus Icelandic glacial. They curate water menus, pairing specific H2Os with each course. It’s like having a personal hydration guide, ensuring your taste buds experience the full spectrum of what a perfectly chosen water can offer.

Is It All Just Wet Talk?

So, is this water degustation business all wet (pun intended)? The answer depends on your perspective. For some, a good old glass from the tap is all they need. But for adventurous gourmands seeking a truly multi-sensory experience, exploring the world of water pairings can be a revelation. It forces you to appreciate the hidden complexities of something we often take for granted.

Dive In Or Stick To Your Tap?

Ultimately, it’s a personal call. If you’re curious and enjoy a touch of culinary whimsy, a water degustation could be a unique and unforgettable experience. However, if your budget screams “no way!” or you simply prefer a straightforward glass of water, there’s no shame in that game.

Water Degustations: A trend that’s both a little bit ridiculous and strangely fascinating and yet to make its splash in Sydney, so I guess we’re sticking to good ole tap water here.