WATCH: The Amazing Doughnut Cone

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 27 April 2016

You Doughnut want to miss the Doughnut Cone. 

In a world where we’ve had cronuts, (croissant-doughnuts) duffins, (doughnut-muffins) brookies (brownie-cookies) and many more “Frankenpastries,” a doughnut cone wasn’t too far behind.
What shall be dub this: a done, a cone-nut? No dear citizens, this creation is called a “Chimney.” Fresh from Budapest, it’s known as Kürtőskalács by Hungarians and Trdelník by the Czech. Surprisingly, it’s not actually a doughnut! It’s a cake that’s cooked on a spit, roasted on charcoal and basted with melted butter. Yum!

Doughnut Cones
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Over in Toronto, new food truck in town, Eva’s Original Chimneys is serving them hot everyday. They are baked into a cone shape, coated with organic cane sugar and cinnamon, filled with soft serve and then topped with a variety of fillings. Popular creations include The Dream Cone, stuffed with Nutella, butter toffee bits, salted caramel brownie chunks and organic cocoa drizzle. They know the way to any foodie’s heart!
It’s said to be crunchy on the outside, but melts on the inside, just like that perfect cinnamon doughnut. It’s fun watching it being made as well, with this insanely addictive video going viral internationally this week.

And now, as it turns out you can cancel that flight to Toronto as doughnut cones are coming to Sydney very soon! Having already taken over Melbourne – thanks to Macaroon Master Adriano Zumbo- you can now get them at his cafe Little Frankie’s in South Yarra.
But never fear Sydney! Up-and-coming Bondi cafe Milky Lane will have them on the menu, when they open on May 6th! Serving lots of “cheat day treats,” you are going to want to check this place out and grab a doughnut cone while you’re there.
So, what will it be next, we wonder? Doughnut bowls? Doughnut cutlery? Only time will tell.