Experience Vivid Food With Two Standout Programs

Cool Sh*t, Festivals, Food Guide, Sydney / 22 May 2023
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Experience Vivid Food With Two Standout Programs

Cool Sh*t, Festivals, Food Guide, Sydney / 22 May 2023

Immerse yourself in the culinary wonders of Vivid Food with two extraordinary programs: Vivid Chef Series & Vivid Fire Kitchen.

Vivid Sydney’s latest addition, Vivid Food, presents an impressive program of renowned chefs, local talents, and captivating dining experiences. This inaugural year promises a sensory feast like no other, blending international flavours, iconic establishments, and enticing pop-up concepts.

Of the program, we’re particularly excited about Vivid Chef Series which brings together renowned chefs collaborating with Sydney’s top restaurants like Kiln, Fred’s, and Yellow. Additionally, Vivid Fire Kitchen where globally acclaimed pitmasters like Lennox Hastie, Jess Pryles, Pip Sumbak, and Dave Pynt will take centre stage offering cooking demonstrations and delectable samples. Below is exactly what to expect from these two exciting events so you can plan your Vivid Sydney celebrations accordingly.

Vivid Chef Series

This innovative series brings together local and international chefs for collaborative dinners that showcase the diversity of NSW ingredients. From relaxed to fine dining, and contemporary European to authentic African cuisine, expect extraordinary menus that reflect the passion and creativity of the chefs. Prepare to be amazed as plates become a canvas for culinary exploration during this two-week extravaganza.

The Vivid Chef Series includes:

Fred’s x Jackson Boxer

Prepare for an exceptional evening of culinary delights as London’s renowned restaurateur, Jackson Boxer teams up with one of Sydney’s hottest chefs, Hussein Sarhan. The two will create a memorable dining experience at the two-hatted Fred’s, showcasing the best of farm-to-table cookery and the abundance of flavours from NSW ingredients. With Jackson’s classic yet rebellious approach and Hussein’s joyful passion for pleasure, they will craft a future-forward menu that pays homage to exquisite flavours and celebrates Australia’s native produce.

Date: 4 June 2023 – 7 June 2023
Price: 5-courses for $125
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Yellow x Rishi Naleendra

After a decade, the reunion of Rishi Naleendra from Cloudstreet and his former mentor Brent Savage at Yellow Restaurant is set to dazzle diners. Join them for a series of extraordinary collaborative dinners and one lunch, where Rishi’s vibrant culinary expression merges with Brent’s cutting-edge Australian cuisine. Expect a vegetable-centric menu, showcasing NSW produce and reflecting Vivid Sydney’s celebration of nature. With Rishi’s Sri Lankan heritage and innovative style combined with Brent’s mastery of flavour, this experience promises innovation, playfulness, and pure inspiration.

Date: 6 June 2023 – 9 June 2023
Price: 6-courses for $160
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Nel x Prateek Sadhu

Renowned chefs Nelly Robinson of NEL and Prateek Sadhu, formerly of Mumbai’s Masque, collaborate for two exclusive nights. Prateek’s expertise in Indian cuisine and wilderness-to-table approach, combined with NEL’s captivating culinary style, results in a unique menu. Experience a gastronomic journey that celebrates childhood memories and global flavours, blending Prateek’s Kashmiri heritage with NEL’s homage to British and Australian food culture.

Date: 12 June 2023 – 13 June 2023
Price: $225 for 12 courses
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Kiln x Jeremy Fox

Jeremy Fox of Birdie G’s and Rustic Canyon in LA collaborates with Mitch Orr of Kiln at Ace Hotel Sydney for a unique dining experience. These exclusive dinners showcase their commitment to hyper-seasonality and working with local producers, featuring Kiln’s signature grill. Drawing from Jeremy’s Eastern European roots and Mitch’s innovative style, the menu celebrates seasonal ingredients infused with fire and incredible flavours. Join these talented chefs for an unforgettable dining experience celebrating great food and connections.

Date: 13 June 2023 – 14 June 2023
Price: 5-courses for $150
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Bar Morris x Mmabatho Molefe

Experience a groundbreaking collaboration as Mmabatho Molefe, the 2022 Hospitality Pioneer winner, joins forces with the Head Chef of Bar Morris. Together, they present “The Roots,” a menu that bridges Africa, Australasia, and Europe. This unique dining experience celebrates local ingredients and culinary techniques, fusing cultures and flavours. Discover a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation, with a focus on sustainability and the connection between land and table. Prepare for fresh, vibrant, and extraordinary flavours that push boundaries.

Date: 14 June 2023 – 17 June 2023
Price: 6-courses for $160
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Vivid Fire Kitchen

Join us over three weeks as 11 of the city’s hottest dining concepts unite with 15 renowned pitmasters from around the globe, alongside a selection of top-notch NSW producers. Immerse yourself in the primal art of cooking, where world-class pitmasters collaborate with Sydney’s favourite chefs to create a tantalising feast.

Marvel at captivating demos by culinary stars like Lennox Hastie from the three-hatted Firedoor, MasterChef Australia 2021 Runner-Up Pete Campbell, and Dave Pynt from Michelin-starred Burnt Ends in Singapore. Be enchanted by Pip Sumbak’s immersive food experience, a fusion of local produce and raw fire cooking. And don’t miss the awe-inspiring skills of World BBQ Champion Sterling Smith, Pitmaster Brazil founder Daniel Lee, and Texan flair from celebrity pitmaster Jess Pryles.

Satisfy your hunger with a lineup of street food heroes, innovative dining concepts, and trailblazing restaurants. Nola Smokehouse & Bar and Alibi Bar & Dining at Ovolo Woolloomooloo are among the culinary gems that will capture the insatiable spirit of Sydney.

Quench your thirst with signature Fire + Ice cocktails, adorned with flaming marshmallows in edible ice cups. Explore a delightful selection of drinks from Tempus Two wines, 4 Pines Brewing Co., Unexpected Guest Gin, and other leading local producers. For a sweet treat, visit the hot chocolate and marshmallow bar or energize with an espresso martini from Mr. Black.

Date: 26 May 2023 – 17 June 2023
The Cutaway, Barangaroo
Opening Times: 6pm to 11pm
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