5 Sydney Pizzerias Take a Bite Out Of Top 50 Asia-Pacific Rankings

Eat, Sydney / 14 March 2024

Forget arguments about the best beaches, Sydney’s pizzerias are taking the Asia-Pacific crown!

Sydneysiders, rejoice! The results are in for the 2024 50 Top Pizza Asia-Pacific awards, and our city’s pizzerias have risen to the doughy occasion. An impressive five Sydney restaurants secured a place on this prestigious list, reflecting the city’s thriving pizza scene and its knack for creating exceptional slices.

Leading the local charge is Al Taglio in Surry Hills. This pizzeria isn’t afraid to push boundaries, and the judges loved their innovative approach. They use a winning combination of classic Italian staples alongside fresh, seasonal produce sourced right here in Australia. This dedication to high-quality ingredients and exciting flavour combinations has clearly captured the hearts (and stomachs) of pizza enthusiasts, both local and international.

Queen Margherita of Savoy Top 50 Pizzas

For those who appreciate the art of a perfectly crafted Neapolitan pizza, Cronulla’s Queen Margherita of Savoy delivers at spot 23. This pizzeria stays true to tradition, using hand-stretched dough cooked in a wood-fired oven to achieve that ideal char. Their toppings are classic and authentic, offering a true taste of the Neapolitan experience.

But Sydney’s pizza prowess extends beyond these top contenders. Three additional local pizzerias made the Asia-Pacific cut: Lil Franky Pizzeria in Tempe (27th), Gigi’s in Balmain (30th), and Pizza Madre in Marrickville (50th). Each brings its own unique charm and delicious offerings to the table, further solidifying Sydney’s reputation as a pizza powerhouse.

This strong showing by Sydney pizzerias highlights the city’s ever-evolving pizza landscape. Whether you crave a traditional Neapolitan pie or something more adventurous featuring local ingredients, there’s a pizzeria here waiting to tantalise your taste buds. Get ready for a slice (or two) of pure pizza perfection!

For the full list, visit here.

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