Top 5 Best Late Night Eats

Drink, Eat, Food Guide, Sydney / 19 March 2013
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Top 5 Best Late Night Eats

Drink, Eat, Food Guide, Sydney / 19 March 2013

When the clubs and pubs won´t let you in through their doors and hunger bellows from within, it’s the time you found yourself a bite to eat. This guide will lead you through the back streets and alleyways and underground channels to the tables of Sydney´s best late night eats and treats.

Stitch Bar

stitchbar (333x206)
In the backstreets of Wynyard, hidden behind a clothesline, you can hang up your coat and find a spot to dine at the Stitch Bar. Here, the Stitch Hot Dogs reign supreme served with a heap of curly fries and in a location that offers a dark haven to hungry peeps until 1:00am. The menu ranges from burgers, to soft tacos, to dip plates, but get your hands on one of those delicious dogs and you may find it hard to leave the joint.

61 York Street, Sydney
9279 0380
Open Mon-Wed 4pm-12am, Thurs-Fri 12pm-2am, Sat 4pm-2am

Johnny Wong´s

johnny wongs (545x545)

Johnny Wong´s is the hot and spicy, hole in the wall, lodged between Kinselas and Lo-fi. It is the perfect place to pop in and pack up on after hour dumplings. They are plump, juicy and accompany cocktails and drinks like mint accompanies lamb. This midnight feast is a must eat and wont set you back, leaving plenty of room for more drinks… or more dumplings!

383 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst
9331 3100
Open Wed until midnight and Thurs-Sun until 2am

The Dip Canteen

goodgodsmallclub (545x362)
The Dip Canteen is the Goodgod Small Club American style diner, dishing up gourmet takes on old American fast-food classics. Tuck into the sensational Southern Smoke, a 12 hour smoked pulled pork roll or pick from an array of plates which include a kangaroo burger and kosher hotdog. The music and atmosphere will make this a great way to end a night out.

55 Liverpool Street, Chinatown
Open Wed-Thurs 5pm-10pm, Fri 5pm-11pm and Sat 6pm-11pm

Frankie´s Pizza

photo (2) (545x545)
Pizza is probably the ultimate late night food treat. Instead of eating steaming cheese and multiple toppings in a rush on the way home, stop into Frankie´s pizza parlour. With great gusto, enjoy the wide range of late night pizza options, chilli and garlic garlands and traditional Italian fit out. The funky vibe and good tunes will make for a good meal experience.
50 Hunter Street, Sydney
Open 7 days 4pm – 4am

Pancakes on the Rocks

When the sun is rising and your sweet tooth is crying out for some sugar, head on down to The Rocks for a pancake picnic. The menu is wide and varied from the sweetest of the sweet to savoury delights, so take your pick and marvel at the iconic Sydney scenery while you wait. This is an old faithful that is open 24/7 and is the best pancake pit stop after a bender of mammoth proportion.

4 Hickson Road, The Rocks
02 9247 6371 
Open 24hrs 7 days/week

Other notable mention:
Infinity Sourdough Bakery for your bread and pastry fix on Victoria St, Darlinghurst is open 24hrs 7 days a week