Toast To The Beginning Of Summer With Pink Gin Soda &

Cool Sh*t, Drink, Drinks Guide, Sydney / 2 December 2020

Introducing Pink Gin Soda &, the perfectly pink drink poised to become the go-to beverage for your next summer sesh. 

It’s no secret that Aussies love a bit of fun in the sun and, when summer rolls around every year, we all search for the perfect drink to accompany those endless summer days. If you’re still on the hunt for that top-notch summer beverage then look no further because the team from Ampersand Projects have just released Pink Gin Soda &.

Ampersand Projects is a local business founded in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs by Alex Bottomley and Marcus Kellet in 2018. Their goal for the business was to capture the essence of the way Australians like to mix their drinks by taking the ever-popular spirits, vodka and gin, mixing it with soda, and canning it for on-the-go consumption. With a chic, clean, simple design, this can is the perfect companion to any summer sesh.

Having already made their mark with Vodka Soda & and Gin Soda &, the duo is back and better than ever with their brand new product Pink Gin Soda &. The pastel pink can is sure to be popping up at every party this summer and, once you’ve tasted the drink, it’s clear that the praise is 100% earned. 

The ready-to-drink wildberry flavoured gin and soda is a smooth, crisp, lightly-carbonated drink that tastes like Australian summer itself. Weather sipped straight from the can or garnished with mint, lemon, and berries, Pink Gin Soda & is the perfect new beverage for Aussies looking for a low-cal, refreshing drink.

We know what you’re thinking, since when is alcohol low-calorie? Well, like all the drinks from Ampersand Projects, Pink Gin Soda & is carefully engineered with the health of the consumer in mind meaning there’s no sugar, no gluten, and only 73 calories per can.

Grab yourself a can and let the summer be-gin!

Pink Gin Soda & is available at Dan Murphy’s, select BWS outlets, and independent bottle stores or you can check them out here.