Sandwich Of The Month- The Copper Mill, Alexandria

Cafes, Eat, Sandwich of the Month, Sydney / 30 March 2016

A Cafe Worth The Wait

In 2016, gluten intolerance is the new black. Everyone’s doing it.
But for those of us who don’t fall into the bourgeoning group of celiacs, thanks either to our genetic luck, or having the self-confidence to just admit we enjoy carbs, another equally confronting affliction haunts us – a severe allergic reaction to queuing for breakfast.
You could always just, go somewhere else. But that antidote requires you to forgo the sumptuous meal you had been fantasising about since the alarm clock jolted you into reality. And you still need to make that anxious walk to the cafe before you can even make the call to try elsewhere.
Sharp inhales of breath pierce the morning air around The Copper Mill as apprehensive patrons nervously await their dining fate from the Maître D. Tucked away behind the business park in Alexandria, patrons are lured into The Copper Mill by smells of caffeine, an eclectic menu and an industrial-chic décor. A combination designed to breed queues.
For those who brave the queue, however, and exhale long enough to order The Copper Mill’s Peruvian roll, any thoughts of lining up quickly dissipate.
The Copper Mill
Slow roast pork chicharron, the key ingredient of the Peruvian roll, is divine. The saltiness of the meat is moreish, somehow making us hungrier with each and every bite. Then there are the juices that explode with flavour as we chomp away.
Layered on top of the pork are slices of roast kumara (sweet potato), which make the roll heartier than expected, whilst also adding texture and a deep, earthy flavour. Salsa criolla then adds an acidity of sliced red onion and the hint of coriander to the meal. Together, this bites through the pork, whilst a creamy mayonnaise balances out that sharpness.
Finally, a sunny side egg is cooked to perfection. Bursting the thin veneer of its stability, the yolk swirls around the other ingredients in the roll and drips tantalisingly onto our plate. Which works out nicely thanks to the bread roll that we use to soak up the yolk. We wouldn’t want to miss a bit of this hard earned brunch.
The Copper Mill
So in the end, the odd queue is not so damaging to your health. And for those who aren’t at ease with gluten, that’s too bad. More for me!

The Copper Mill

338-356 Mitchell Rd, Alexandria
Open Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8am-4pm
Written by A Man and His Sandwich