The Best Sausage Rolls In Sydney

Eat, Food Guide, Sydney / 11 August 2021

Looking for the best sausage roll in Sydney? Here’s where to find them.

Being Australian, we’ve never met a sausage roll we didn’t love. From the classic beef filling wrapped in flakey pastry to the gourmet fillings of Moroccan Lamb or Mexican, there are so many options to keep our taste buds and bellies satisfied. Australians love sausage rolls so much, we even give out awards to bakers who have shown to elevate the classics or push the boundaries of innovation. Whether you like them covered in tomato sauce or not, we can all agree they are the best snack for any time of the day.

Although we’ll eat any sausage roll that is in front of us, there are definitely some clear standouts in Sydney and some are even worth the drive. We asked our readers to share their go-to sausage roll spots and here’s the outcome.

Bourke Street Bakery, various locations

A clear winner was Bourke Street Bakery. With 12 cafes scattered throughout Sydney, your next sausage roll is never too far away. The bakers have nailed the pastry where the thickness is able to carry the weight of the filling and flavours, while still being light and flakey. Our favourite is the Lamb, Almond and Harissa however we don’t smother this one in sauce, it’s already too good. Find your nearest store here

Grumpy Baker, various locations

The sausage rolls at Grumpy Baker are addictive and similar to Bourke Street Bakery, there’s plenty of locations to get your next fix. From personal experience, we would suggest ordering more than one to avoid disappointment on your last bite. These sausage rolls are extra special because the recipes pay homage to the baker’s Israeli heritage. We can’t go past the classic slow-braised beef with a unique mix of flavours and spices, all wrapped into a perfectly buttery and flakey pastry crust. Find your nearest store here

Bakehouse, South Coogee

Since 2007, Bakehouse has been pumping out sausage rolls to the locals. They’ve got the classics but have been known to change things up each week with specials like the Proscuitto with onion, wholegrain mustard and cheese. We’d always choose a special if it’s available.

Rushi, Cronulla

Rushi is known for putting a Japanese spin on classic dishes. The sausage rolls are a classic combination of Pork and Fennel, served with a side of BBQ sauce and Kewpie mayo in true Rushi style. Our tip would be to get in early as they’ve usually sold out by 10am. Served in a generous portion and super buttery, these are a personal favourite.

Wholegreen Bakery, CBD

This one goes out to gluten-free fans. Wholegreen Bakery is one of the best there is in the CBD and is known for its 100% GF menu which includes sausage rolls. It has become a favourite amongst all regardless of your dietary requirements. The Grass-fed Beef Sausage Roll is the star of the menu with a generous serving of juicy beef mince mixed with onion, carrot, coriander and cumin, wrapped in our buttery gluten-free shortcrust pastry. You can order them online thanks to COVID and get them delivered to your door here

Rollers Bakehouse, Manly

They may specialise in croissants but it turns out they make a damn good sausage roll as well. The Lamb and Veal is a clear winner with the perfect meat to pastry ratio. The filling is made by The Fairlight Butcher, one of Sydney’s best purveyors of gourmet meats which we think is their secret ingredient.

Funky Pies, Bondi

This Bondi institution has kept the hungry locals happy for years. From vegan to gluten-free, there’s a sausage roll to suit everyone. A favourite is the Rockin’ Roll with a veg-sausage, sauteed onion and fresh rosemary and the Brekkie Roll with veg-sausage mix, baked beans, tomato sauce and bacon. We’d go ahead and order both.

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