Sydney Seafood School Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary With Classes From Sydney’s Top Chefs

Eat, Play, Sydney / 29 January 2020

Learn how to master everything from Asian banquets to Italian seafood dishes at this epic class program at Sydney Seafood School.

Set beneath the famous Sydney Seafood Market you’ll find a hub for hands-on culinary learning experiences. For the past 30 years, Sydney Seafood School has been welcoming over 12,500 visitors each year through its doors. On a mission to inspire Sydneysiders and visitors to reignite the fun in cooking, the school hosts live cooking demos, hands-on workshops and more with chefs from around the country. And once the teaching is done, guests are treated to 360-degree photomural of Blackwattle Bay while enjoying a dinner in the school’s adjoining dining room.

To mark Sydney Seafood School’s 30th Anniversary, the team has called on some of Sydney’s top chefs to run a series of interactive masterclasses throughout summer. Alongside the school’s usual hands-on cooking experiences, these limited edition culinary experiences are designed to empower diners with the skills to recreate some of these chef’s favourite dishes at home.

These guest presenter classes give guests the chance to follow along with some of Sydney’s top chefs. Each participant will be cooking at custom-made stainless steel cooking islands kitted out with state-of-the-art appliances, cookware and knives. Ready to get cooking? Here’s a run-down of the upcoming guest presenter workshops at Sydney Seafood School.

To explore the full program of upcoming classes at Sydney Seafood School, click here.