Opera Bar Presents Sunset Tasting Series 2017

Eat, Events, Sydney / 5 April 2017
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Opera Bar Presents Sunset Tasting Series 2017

Eat, Events, Sydney / 5 April 2017

Opera Bar’s Sunset Tasting Series is back by popular demand.

Does anyone else feel like the days have suddenly become a lot shorter (and cooler)?! With winter quickly leering it’s ugly head, it’s important to not go into hibernation just yet. After the success of last year’s event, Opera Bar’s Sunset Tasting Series is back and comes with some of the best matchings yet.
Set exclusively within Opera Bar’s Meat + Cheese room, sit back and enjoy one of three intimate tasting sessions (with no more than 20 people per class) led by some of Sydney’s top industry experts. With the first session kicking off on Wednesday 12th April, guests will indulge in a selection of canapés and drinks on arrival, followed by three perfectly matched food and drink combinations – think chocolate and wine, champagne and seafood and whisky and cheese. Can it get better, you ask? Well all of this will be framed by the sun setting over the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House, providing the perfect backdrop.
Your after work plans in the upcoming weeks are officially sorted.
sunset tasting series

Session One: Chocolate and Wine

Date: Wednesday April 12th, starting 6pm
Featuring: Sydney Chocolate + Torbreck wines
Special guests: Tahra Camidge: pastry chef, scientist, chocolatiere, founder of Sydney Chocolate Co together with James Young, a wine expert from Torbreck wines
Price: $59+BF

Session Two: Champagne and Seafood

Date: Tuesday May 16th 6pm
Featuring: Taittinger Champagne + Northside Seafood Suppliers
Special Guest: Ed Dallimore: Taittinger ambassador
Charlie Ianni: Sydney based seafood expert from Northside Seafood Suppliers
Price: $79+BF

Session Three: Whisky and Cheese

Date: Monday June 19th from 6pm
Featuring: Glenmorangie Private Edition Bacalta + Simon Johnson Cheeses
Special guest: Garth Foster: Glenmorangie ambassador
Jonathan Woods: Fromagier from Simon Johnson Cheeses
Price: $79+BF
Tickets will sell out in advance so be sure to get in early. For more information, and to purchase your tickets to one of these sessions, be sure to click here