Sokyo’s Coveted Omakase Introduces New Ballot System

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 4 April 2023

Missed out on a reservation? You can now put your name down on a ballot and cross your fingers.

If you’re a fan of omakase, you’ve probably heard of Sokyo as one of the most popular and hard-to-book omakase offerings around Sydney. Bookings for the acclaimed Japanese venue are so highly sought after, reservations (which open on the first of each month for the following month) are notorious for completely booking out within an hour of release. To make sure everyone can get exclusive access to the omakase menu, Sokyo has unveiled a new ballot system for diners to score extra exclusive seats if they missed out the first time.

With the new system, any guests that miss out on a reservation can immediately put their names down on a ballot. The prize? Three lucky guests and their plus ones will be drawn from the ballot, where they get to claim two seats to Sokyo’s 20-course omakase degustation menu. 

Japanese for “I’ll leave it up to you”, omakase dining means exactly that — usually a set menu of curated dishes made around ingredient seasonality. It’s a full-fledged experience where you get to sit right at the chef’s table, watching them work their magic as they give you their undivided attention for the night.

Sokyo is no different, offering customers an exclusive front-row seat to what they call “a theatrical performance.” Their omakase honours traditional Japanese cuisine whilst putting on a modern spin to create something unforgettable. Dishes are prepared by Executive Chef, Daniel Kwak, alongside acclaimed founder, Chase Kojima and his team of sushi masters.

The menu is kept secret up until the food is served in front of you and ranges through seasonal availability. Whatever the case, the omakase experience invites diners on a journey of layered Japanese techniques with modern creative flair. Expect dishes like Abalone Sashimi (steamed for 12 hours in its own juices), Crab Chawanmushi (a traditional Japanese egg custard), and King George Whiting Sando (coated with garlic aioli), all served alongside Sokyo’s famed nigiri, with some of the highest quality of fish in Sydney.

Sokyo’s ballot booking system begins on April 1st 2023. For more information regarding the omakase, or new ballot system, click here.