Social Brew Cafe, Pyrmont

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 22 March 2017

Sometimes, there’s just nothing better than a decent cup of coffee and simply good food, as we discover at Social Brew Cafe. 

It was a grey and miserable mid-week morning when we visited Social Brew Café in Pyrmont. In order to get to there we walked from Railway Square, via the drab main thoroughfare, along Harris Street. It was an uninspiring journey to say the least. As we approached the corner and spotted a vertical sign reading “Social Brew Cafe’ we immediately felt a sense of relief. Surrounded by pops of greenery everyone at this cafe, patrons and staff alike, seemed happy. Business meetings in action, mums with strollers ordering babycinos and lazy breakfasts were being consumed. Maybe Social Brew had slipped something in the coffee, or perhaps it was the friendly staff. Either way we were about to find out.
We scanned the Social Brew breakfast menu and, beyond the classic breakfast options of bacon and egg rolls or ricotta pancakes, we spotted a few intruders. This morning, it was the ‘breakfast salad’. Amongst this generous bowl of quinoa are sprinkles of cranberries, raisins, nuts and more, topped with a poached egg and slices of rosemary crostini ($16). If you are a fan of share plates, The Brew Deli Plate ($20) would be a nice accompaniment. It includes a gourmet selection of burrata cheese, avocado, tomatoes, prosciutto, mushrooms, a soft boiled zatar egg and rosemary sourdough toast.
My partner was starving so decided to go for something more filling than a salad – the Slow cooked Great Northern Beans in a rich tomato and red pepper sauce ($18). Cooked in a smooth, rich tomato and red pepper sauce, this take on the classic baked eggs or shaksuka hits the spot. Adding some heat, the beans are served with two poached eggs and a spicy beef sausage, guarded by a mound of barley rye soldiers standing close by.
The Social Brew Café also does lunch. We’re told popular dishes amongst the locals include their soft shell crab tacos ($17) and all of their burgers ($18). The world on the street is that the pulled pork salad ($14) and truffle fries ($8) also deserve an honourable mention.
Whilst Social Brew doesn’t serve dinner it is open quite late for a café (till 5pm) which is handy for a late afternoon coffee and cake, or better yet, an early wine or beer.
They serve Allpress coffee and we’re assured it comes without the addition of happy pills (it must be the food and friendly staff). They also offer a variety of milkshakes (salted caramel – eat your heart out), superfood smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. We suggest you try Social Brew’s famous ‘chilled espresso’ which is best served spiked with Galliano ristretto liquor.
Social Brew breakfast
Although being in such a close proximity to the CBD, Pyrmont doesn’t seem to grab much foodie attention. Sure it’s got the casino restaurants but it’s not the first place that springs to mind when making breakfast plans. But down the street is the fragrant Egyptian bakery Piok and of course there’s the Pyrmont Growers Market which happens every fourth Saturday of the month. Now you’ve got a new place to check out next time you’re in Pyrmont.
What we like about Social Brew Cafe is that they’re not trying too hard. Instead they concentrates on good, reasonably priced food and a decent cup of coffee. While it doesn’t scream ‘trendy’ it does feel welcoming and unpretentious thanks to the friendly staff. It’s worth taking a detour away from the CBD to grab a coffee and bite at this family and pet-friendly café.
Social Brew Café
224 Harris St, Pyrmont
Open Mon-Sun: 7am to 5pm