SketchShe Success

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 25 May 2016

One to watch: SketchShe

The Australian, all female comedy trio, known as SketchShe, is taking YouTube by storm. Well known for their impressive miming renditions of famous songs while sitting in a car they’ve attracted over 260 million views on their videos combined. You must see what all the fuss is about.
Made up of Shae-Lee Shackleford, Lana Kington and Madison Lloyd, the girls have been working on SketchShe since 2013. Previously working in communications and modelling between them, the girls, who are also obviously music lovers, wanted to get more female driven comedy out there in the market and came up with SketchShe. Beginning as a side project, they quickly became an internet sensation in March 2015.
They’ve already been on the Ellen show and Good Morning America, and have travelled around the world from Turkey to the US for all different events. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia in April 2015, Shackleford explained, “We had no idea it would have such an incredible response”.
Their latest video, which already has more than 22 million views, similar to the rest of their videos, sees the girls making jokes about Instagram in ‘#instafaker vs. #instareality’. With a lot of #hashtags throughout the video, they cover everything from a girls night in to pets and “healthy” eating. Capturing ‘real life’ in just over 2 minutes, it’s the realest and most hilarious thing we’ve seen in a while.
One of their most famous videos is Mime Through Time. They perform hit songs from the 1940s to now, including Elvis Presley and Britney Spears, they change outfits in quick succession. It’s been such a hit and has already collected over 36 million hits on YouTube and 33 million hits on Facebook. They’ve also done spin off’s including performing Bohemian Rhapsody topless, and as you can imagine, it was a huge success too. You can watch their Mime Through Time video here.
What’s next for SketchShe? This year they’re creating a musical, Traffic Jam, with their first episode on YouTube being released on the 1st of June. With original music and some covers and collaborations coming out, it’s definitely going to be one to watch!
Watch their famous video below.
Check out their YouTube channel here for more fun video’s!
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