Single Folk, Listen Up! Say Hello To This New Virtual Blind Date Event

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 15 April 2020

Feeling lonely in self isoaltion? Never fear, the new virtual blind date event ‘The Stay at Home Soirée’ has arrived.

The novelty of stay home all day and night might be wearing thin for many of us. And for those single folk among us, being solo during self-isolation is a pretty tough ask. Because let’s face it, meeting someone new while staying indoors ain’t an easy task. But thankfully, we’ve found a fun new virtual event to help connect single Sydneysiders across the city.

Say hello to The Stay at Home Soirée, a new virtual dating event about to launch in Sydney. Hosted Friday or Saturday nights throughout April and May, the event has been created by Soiree Events in partnership with dating app Swanned. In a nutshell, the event works as a virtual matchmaking service with experts on hand to connect two single girls with a pair of single guys.

If you’re looking to find love in lockdown, here’s how to get involved in FREE The Stay at Home Soirée:

  1. Pair up with a friend of the same gender (whether you live together or not!).
  2. Get in touch with the team by emailing to register and tell us your two names, ages, nationalities, professions and social media profiles (FB or Insta).
  3. The team of expert matchmakers will partner you up with another pair to virtually catch up with!
  4. You’ll be emailed some icebreaker questions to complete.

  5. Next, you’ll be given an allocated time for your video group date.
  6. You’ll be provided with a video date link, which will last for 30 minutes.
  7. Felt a connection with your virtual date? Let Soiree known and they’ll organise the swapping of contact deets so you can say in touch!