Shift Eatery Surry Hills Is Sydney's First Vegan Deli

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 4 October 2017
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Shift Eatery Surry Hills Is Sydney's First Vegan Deli

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 4 October 2017

Are you ready to make the shift? Visit Shift Eatery.

Vegan delights have long been popping up on trendy menus throughout Sydney. With veggie-packed sandwiches and speciality coffee, Shift Eatery has just opened its doors in Surry Hills. Described as Sydney’s first vegan deli, this new kid on the block serves up an all-day menu for those able to dine in. If you are on the go, the eatery’s deli is full of animal-product free surprises. From dairy-free chocolate, cheese and milk to a list of soy-based meat that includes “duck”, “schnitzel” and “calamari”, Shift Eatery is ready to convince even the most hardened carnivore to experience the popular lifestyle.
A vegan himself, James Danaskos has enlisted the help of head chef Juan Carlos Miranda. Hailing from Bondi’s vegan restaurant Plant Gallery, Miranda is serving up vegan twists on classic deli food. Whether you are munching on a pulled jackfruit bun with chipotle or trialling a classic Rueben sandwich Danaskos and Miranda want you to forget about one thing: meat. If you are willing to forgo the faux meat altogether then Shift Eatery has a number of wholesome sounding bowls, salads and toasties that are sure to please any vegetable lover.

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All the way from the vegan-loving Byron Bay, Marvel Street roasters provide the caffeine. Cups of coffee are served with the finest drops of almond and macadamia milk. Who said you had to give up the sweet stuff to be vegan? Treat Dreams and Houghnuts have been enlisted to add some sugary delights. From cherry chocolate tarts, to rainbow cakes fit for any flamboyant occasion, Shift Eatery isn’t breaking any eggs in the kitchen.
Maybe its time we test out the fruit-filled, no meat revolution at Shift Eatery.
Shift Eatery
Shop 4/241 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills
Open: Mon- Sat: 8am-3pm
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