A New Style of Japanese Dining Lands In Chatswood From Sokyo Executive Chef

Eat, Sydney / 21 March 2022

Chase Kojima presents Senpai Ramen, a full sensory Japanese dining experience in the heart of Chatswood.

Think authentic Japanese dining and you’d be forgiven for immediately envisioning earthy wooden restaurant furnishings, bamboo shutters and hanging chōchin (paper lanterns). Senpai Ramen breaks all traditional convention, in a design sense at least, with a colourful, neon adorned interior dripping in luminous Tokyo splendour. 

In Japanese “Senpai” is used to describe a person who is highly respected or honoured, which couldn’t be more true of owner and head chef, Chase Kojima. Kojima is one of Australia’s leading and most influential Japanese chefs. Heading the renowned Pyrmont restaurant ‘Sokyo’ since 2011, he’s led kitchens all over the world for the iconic Nobu restaurant group. And now, he’s endowing his remarkable signature flair on the palates of Chatswood. 

Although Ramen is arguably the main event, the offering ties in a reinvented Omakase experience with a daily degustation menu determined by Kojima himself. The degustation menu features 7 impeccably crafted palate teasers showcasing the finest Australian produce, all for a wallet friendly $65. The signature Ramen comes in four mouth-watering versions featuring ingredients such as 12 hour pork broth, spicy miso butter and rare smoked duck. 

“At Senpai Ramen diners will enjoy a fun and unique experience with our tasty seven course degustation. We use the best seafood and meats, and combine them with incredible Japanese and Australian flavours for a unique and absolutely exquisite experience,” Chase Kojima, Chef and Restauranteur.

Chase adopted a strong connection to the sea from his grandfather, a fisherman in Hokkaido, Japan. He was able to put his extensive knowledge of seafood to good use learning the craft of traditional Japanese cuisine from his father, who owned a renowned restaurant in San Fransisco USA, where Chase grew up. The melange of traditional training alongside an all-American upbringing shaped Chase’s distinct palate bringing together an imaginative spin on each extraordinary dish he creates. 

With just 20 seats, reservations are limited and expected to fill up fast, so we recommend booking in quick to avoid disappointment! Click here to secure your seat.

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