Award Winning Sarino’s Showcases Italian Excellence With Local Flair

Eat, Sydney / 9 February 2024
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Award Winning Sarino’s Showcases Italian Excellence With Local Flair

Eat, Sydney / 9 February 2024

Forget leaving The Hills, the Italian bar and restaurant experience is right in your backyard.

Stepping into Sarino’s at Mullane’s Hotel is like entering an elevated world of Italian dining. Soaring ceilings, warm lighting, and plush seating create an inviting atmosphere, perfect for a special occasion or a relaxed weeknight dinner. This 150-seat restaurant and luxe bar isn’t just a place to grab a bite; it’s a destination for indulging in the rich tapestry of Italian cuisine in the comfort of the suburbs, presented with modern flair.

At the helm of the culinary experience is Executive Head Chef Alex Keene. His passion for fresh, seasonal ingredients shines through in each dish, drawing inspiration from both his family farm upbringing and his impressive career at renowned Italian establishments like Ormeggio at The Spit. Working alongside Momento Hospitality owner Ross Colosimo, Chef Keene has crafted a menu that celebrates Colosimo’s family heritage, weaving in traditional flavours and influences with contemporary cooking techniques earning the restaurant a coveted 2024 AGFG Chef Hat and placing it on Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards 2023 list with 2 Goblets and the title of Australia’s Best Cocktail List.

Bread and butter candle at Sarino's.

The menu at Sarino’s is a journey through the diverse regions of Italy. Start your adventure with freshly baked sourdough, accompanied by a unique tableside ritual: a clarified butter candle infused with garlic, rosemary, and thyme, inviting you to tear off warm pieces and dip them into the melted goodness. This sets the tone for an evening filled with intimate theatrics and culinary surprises.

Among the signature dishes, the handmade ravioli stands out. Filled with buffalo mozzarella, ricotta, and pistachio, each delicate morsel bursts with flavour, its light and creamy filling a textural delight that I will be attempting to replicate at home, despite not having a pasta maker.

For meat lovers, the wood-fired rib eye on the bone is a must-try. Cooked to a perfect medium-rare, the richness of the steak is balanced by the accompanying light green salad and broccolini, making for a satisfying and flavorful main course. If you’re seeking something lighter, the Insalata Caprese is a vibrant symphony of heirloom tomatoes, stracciatella cheese, and sweet vincotto dressing, all brought together by the comforting crunch of toasted ciabatta.

Affogato at Sarino's.

No Italian meal is complete without dessert, and Sarino’s doesn’t disappoint. The Affogato is a classic reimagined, featuring Frangelico, espresso, and vanilla gelato, culminating in a delightful marriage of hot and cold, sweet and bitter. However, if you’re chasing a citrusy finish, the Lemon Paradiso is a dream come true, with its limoncello foam, Italian meringue, and passionfruit adding a touch of tropical flair to the classic lemon and vanilla sponge.

Beyond the food, Sarino’s boasts an award-winning beverage list. From the Shiso Peach Ginger cocktail, which incorporates traditional southern Chinese flavours, to the iconic Smoke and Mirrors and Agent James Grief, each sip is an exploration of expertly crafted libations. Whether you prefer a bold smoky experience or a refreshing twist on a classic, the bar team is sure to find the perfect match for your palate.

Sarino’s menu is a love letter to tradition reimagined with modern flourishes. It’s a place to create memories, whether you’re celebrating a milestone or simply savouring a well-crafted meal with loved ones.

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