Kepos Street Kitchen And Saga Owners Team Up To Open A New Eatery & Bakery

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 25 July 2023

Salma’s Canteen is serving up desserts, lunches and delicious sandwiches all day long.

Imagine two culinary geniuses crossing paths to open a vibrant eatery full of baked goods, Middle Eastern salads, and gourmet pantry items. What sounds like a total dream is now a reality, created by none other than the renowned Michael Rantissi from Kepos Street Kitchen and the pastry superstar from Saga, Andy Bowdy. Nestled in the heart of Rosebery lies a hidden gem, Salma’s Canteen — a sweet haven and sandwich shop all in one spot.

At Salma’s Canteen, the menu is constantly revolving, inspired by and using fresh produce sourced from Carriageworks’ weekly farmers market. You’ll find a mix of wholesome mains and refreshing salads on the menu, largely middle eastern with a little Rantissi touch. Pair this with deli treats, sandwiches and Bowdy’s famous desserts, including his signature creations from the Saga menu you know and love. Flavours include the salted honey tart, with a flaky pie crust, baked honey custard, sea salt and rosemary, as well as passionfruit tart with hazelnut, meringue and sour cream and yuzu cheesecake.

The deli section is all about gourmet takeaway, with both Rantissi and Bowdy each playing to their strengths. “Salma’s Canteen is a food wonderland where you can buy and eat amazing food made with the best ingredients,” Bowdy says. Alongside grab-and-go sandwiches, dips and salads, you can also create your own sweet treats and savoury dishes at home. Bowdy’s shortcut pastry and fruit curds are available to purchase, as are Rantissi’s savoury fillings. Simply buy, take home and pull it all together for a dinner night with friends or a treat to yourself. 

As for the name, Salma’s was coined after Rantissi’s mum’s name. “Everyone who loves food has a Salma in their life – a feeder and nourisher who brings people together to eat and talk, sending them home piled with leftovers. Salma’s Canteen is the new Salma in your life – a one-stop shop that’s part kitchen, part takeaway, part diner, and part shop.”

Salma’s Canteen is open from Tuesday to Saturday at 11am-7pm and Sundays at 10am-4pm. For more information, visit their website here.