Roastville Coffee, Marrickville

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 23 November 2016

Don’t be shy to order an entree, main and dessert for breakfast Roastville Coffee

For those foodies in-the-know it’s no secret Marrickville has become the urban foodies dream suburb. Within a cluster of cafes and restaurants that all provide their own different specialties, sits Roastville Coffee. Owner, George Choutis, prioritises his authentic hospitality over everything. Except maybe his coffee.
Roastville Coffee started out simply as coffee roasters, selling their coffee online. Choutis has run another 11 cafes and restaurants, including Dish in Double Bay, and Hoochie Mama in Newtown. So it was a natural step for him to open the doors of his coffee warehouse and create a quality breakfast and lunch menu for locals. Choutis explains how he has carried over the European hard work ethic that was found in the fish shops, burger joints and milk bars of the 80’s. It is this culture which makes Roastville a friendly, local hangout where everyone is known and treated like family.
Upon entering the open space, there is an almost industrial vibe that comes from the mix of different wood and exposed bricks. The space does not hide the fact it is a warehouse. You can see where Roastville coffee is ground on the spot while you eat breakfast. There is an open kitchen behind the coffee machine where locals can pick up a take away coffee and a range of treats to-go.
We were greeted with warm smiles and the first question everyone wants to hear in the morning, “Coffee?”. What a coffee it was. With the bitterness at a low and the disctinct aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans, we were excited for what was to come.
The food was an absolute standout. With a wide selection to satisfy all taste buds. The dish from Roastville Coffee that really got their name out there when they first opened was their ‘Dirty Bird Benedict’ ($19). This consists of all the basic eggs benny ingredients, in addition to a piece of crispy, fried buttermilk chicken breast. The poached egg oozed throughout the fried chicken while the hollandaise sauce added a different blast of flavour that matched perfectly. Definitely not your option if you’re looking for a lighter breakfast but you can be assured it’s worth all the calories!
The ‘Wild Mushroom Bruschetta’ ($15), was a light yet filling mix. With delicious, grilled mushrooms, a gooey poached egg, harissa spiced sweet potato mash and balsamic and dukkah added for extra flavour. The sweet potato mash, mushrooms and egg were all very mild, soft flavours, but went together quite well. The balsamic and dukkah definitely added a flavour kick without being too overpowering. We found this dish very creative and we really enjoyed the carb-on-carb action!
On a much lighter note, the tropical chia pudding ($14.90) was a very light, bright, summery and tasty dish. It would probably take three of these puddings to actually fill us up but if you’re in that health conscious state of mind and don’t want to ruin all your hard work on fried chicken for breakfast, the chia is a total winner! With fresh mango, berries, passionfruit, toasted coconut and banana chips spraying loads of flavour into the chia pudding, it was definitely one of the more refreshing dishes we tried.
Now, onto the personal standout. Whilst we hate to discriminate on our food, sometimes desserts and sweets for breakfast gets a bit much. We had the banana hotcakes ($17). It was recommended to us by a few people, so we were eager to see what all the fuss was about. It all looked extremely promising, with the thick hotcakes soaking in a base of brown butter sauce, topped with ricotta, fresh banana and paleo granola. The hotcakes were soft, spongey and exploded with a cake-like texture. The brown butter sauce was as thick as a fresh caramel sauce and full of flavour. Whilst the ricotta and banana provided that refreshment to keep the dish as light as possible. The hype was definitely worth it and we’ve totally changed our minds about dessert for breakfast. In fact, when visiting Roastville Coffee for breakfast, take it as permission from us to order an entree, main and dessert. Totally worth it!
We also picked up some incredible house-baked goods to take home. Including chocolate and peanut butter tarts, as well as passionfruit and lemon curd flavours. Taking away another coffee for the road, starting our day at Roastville Coffee made us want to start every day the same. Roastville Coffee has earned its place in Sydney’s most upcoming foodie area, by delivering a unique service that is only created through hard work and genuine hospitality.
Roastville Coffee
157 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
(02) 9560 4802
Open Monday – Friday, 6am-4pm, Saturday – Sunday, 7am-4pm