Review: Flave Bondi, The New 100% Plant Based Eatery

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 22 December 2021

Welcome to Flave, an old school diner with a new school flavour!

This great new venue on Hall Street in Bondi offers new ingredients, combinations, and flavours in an upmarket bustling diner atmosphere. The old St. George bank has been refurbished with a classy yet casual fit-out wrapping around the outside of the restaurant with an open kitchen in the middle.

The drinks list offers something for everyone with a handful of juices/smoothies, cocktails, wines, beer, mixers and kombucha. While the casual ordering is self serve and done through a QR code, the service is still on point and the staff is both attentive and informative.

The 100% plant-based menu was inspired by Head Chef Scott Findlay’s time on the road cooking for some of the biggest names in music. Take the ‘Wadda Jerk’ Jamaican Jerk ‘chicken’ dish favoured by Rhianna. The only difference being that this wasn’t just any Jerk Chicken as the menu at Flave is a veggie alternative. Their motto ‘doing good never tasted better’ is true as this menu packs a flavour punch while being filling and interested which is not a description that usually jumps to mind when discussing a lot of plant-based foods!

Another firm favourite is the ‘Hot Dang’, a spicy Rendang curry, slow-braised to let the beef, jackfruit meat and baby potatoes caramelise to perfection. Alongside the bowls, there are also a host of innovative burger options. You’ll be tempted by the ‘Southern Fry’ which has a cauliflower steak, fried southern style with creamy ‘baconnaise’ and crunchy slaw or if you’re in the mood for an Asian twist go for the ‘So Su Me’, a Japanese Sushi burger with tangy and spicy tuna tartar which is a real treat.

The innovation doesn’t stop there with sides ranging from the usual sweet potato fries to the delicious cauliflower nips and japancini balls. Having trained under Gordon Ransey and cooking for Paul McCartney who eats a plant-based diet, Chef Findlay no doubt has a plethora of inspiration to choose from when creating the menu. Especially when it comes to creating creamy dairy tasting desserts using ingredients like chickpea. And it is honestly impossible to tell the difference in their banoffee pie!

The 100% plant-based menu along with gluten-free options for most of the meals and a gluten-free beer makes this restaurant an excellent choice for anyone looking to eat out on a restricted diet or for anybody willing to try something new.

So if you’re looking for a casual yet exciting meal on your next trip to Bondi, look no further than Flave. Book a table here