Review: Canton Kitchen’s Yum Cha Special

Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 23 September 2020

Get ready to chow down on all-you-can-eat Yum Cha at Canton Kitchen.

Tucked away in Bankstown Sports Centre you’ll find an impressive range of international restaurants including standout dining room Canton Kitchen. This delicious new spot offers an array of traditional and modern Cantonese fare to indulge in, and we recently experienced their Yum Cha Lunch special.

Former Merivale Queen Chow head chef Jason Chan has curated a satisfying sensory menu of classic Asian favourites made with an Aussie twist. You won’t leave hungry.

Unlike a traditional Yum Cha experience, there were no trollies being rolled around the restaurant. Instead, Canton Kitchen offers an ‘All You Can Eat’ Yum Cha Lunch (pp $42 for Sports Centre members or $46 for non-members) with a long list of items from the Dim Sum and Main Sharing Plates menu. Available on Saturday and Sunday, diners have 60 minutes from the time you order to consume as many dishes as desired, or your stomach can fit!

The bottomless menu offers a multitude of mouth-watering Dim Sum choices including Mixed Mushroom & Truffle Dumpling ($10/$10.50), Spicy Wagyu Beef & Shimeji ($9/$9.50), fluffy BBQ Pork Bun ($9/$9.50) and Pork & Mushroom Shu Mai ($9/$9.50), just to name a few.  Stand out dishes include the succulent Scallop & Prawn Shu Mai ($10/$10.50) and the crunchy, delicious Vegetarian Spring Rolls ($9/$9.50). Adventurous culinary diners should try the Braised Chicken Feet with Blackbean Sauce ($9/$9.50), a true Cantonese delicacy.

For more substantial options, the Main Sharing Plates include Cantonese classic Special Fried Rice ($20/$22), Salt & Pepper Squid ($18/$20) to Indonesian Fried Chicken Wings ($18/$20), as well as more soup, noodle or vegetable options. Canton Kitchen’s menu also includes dessert buns (Nutella Custard, Durian Custard and Pandan Custard ($9/$9.50)

Canton Kitchen’s interiors create a bustling hawker market vibe with colourful accents such as red paper lanterns, hanging baskets and warm red lighting all creating a vibrant, welcoming dining room.

With so many appealing dishes to enjoy, the Yum Cha Lunch special is ideal for group dining, families and a fun relaxed date-night spot.

To find out more about Canton Kitchen and to book your spot, click here.