Four Courses, Four Champagnes: An Intimate Journey At Raid The Cellar

Drink, Sydney / 11 April 2024
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Four Courses, Four Champagnes: An Intimate Journey At Raid The Cellar

Drink, Sydney / 11 April 2024

Raise a glass (or four) with Luke Mangan himself!

For Sydney’s food and wine lovers, a new invitation beckons – one that whispers of intimate evenings, exquisite flavours, and the clinking of champagne flutes. “Raid The Cellar: An Exclusive Dinner With Luke Mangan and Taittinger Champagne” offers more than just a meal; it’s a passport to an exclusive world where acclaimed Chef Luke Mangan curates a series of dishes perfect paired with the prestige of Taittinger champagnes.

The evening has you nestled within the discreet Cellar By Luke, a private dining space tucked away within Sydney’s Kimpton Margot Hotel. Limited to just 12 guests on select Friday evenings (May 3rd, August 23rd, and October 25th), the atmosphere here is one of hushed anticipation. As you settle in, the promise of a delicate encounter hangs in the air.

The experience unfolds with Chef Luke Mangan himself as your guide. Throughout the evening, he’ll personally escort you through a meticulously crafted four-course menu. A glimpse at the potential offering features Coffs Harbour Yellowfin Tuna and Western Australia Rock Lobster Ravioli hinting at the fresh seafood that awaits your plate.

But the true magic lies in the thoughtfully curated champagne pairings. Each course will be complemented by a Taittinger champagne specifically chosen to enhance its flavours, creating a perfect synergy between food and drink. With every sip and every bite, Chef Mangan unveils the inspiration behind each dish and the story behind each pour.

Raid The Cellar Champagne

“Cellar By Luke goes beyond the traditional dining experience,” says Chef Mangan. Here, the focus is on creating a memorable evening – a celebration of shared moments and the captivating stories woven into the food and drink.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, “Raid The Cellar” presents a unique opportunity. At $395 per person, this exclusive event caters to a select group seeking an unforgettable evening. Secure your spot at one of these limited-seating dinners and prepare to be swept away by Chef Mangan’s culinary artistry, the elegance of Taittinger champagnes, and the intimate ambience of Cellar By Luke.

Tickets for the limited edition sittings can be booked here.