Campbell’s Cove Welcomes Ploos Restaurant To The Heritage-Listed Harbourfront Site

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 24 January 2022

Chef Peter Conistis from beloved restaurant Alpha has just opened a harbourfront restaurant showcasing South Aegean cuisine.

Campbell’s Cove is transforming into quite the dining precinct with the likes of Harbourfront Seafood and Bay Nine Omakase on their side. The heritage-listed warehouses provide unique restaurant spaces which are complemented by the sparkling backdrop of Sydney Harbour. To add to the repertoire, Ploos has taken up residence on the promenade. Owned by the culinary master behind beloved venues including Alpha, Omega, Eleni’s and Cosmos, Chef Peter Conistis has set out to emulate the South Aegean region and transport guests through atmosphere and taste.

The original building structure provides an Aegean feel with sandstone walls, marble detailing and gold finishes. The calico fabric installations are similar to a ship, ready to take you on a Ploos (translates to “a voyage”) through Aegean culture and flavours. The alfresco dining space features cosy lounge seating and olive trees amongst a backdrop of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The space is ideal for apritivo hour and sharing meze dishes in good company.

With Conistis at the helm of the kitchen, expect an authentic menu with a particular focus on the cuisines of Cyprus, Crete and the surrounding Middle East. After decades in the industry, Conistis has a unique relationship with suppliers which allows his passion for Mediterranean cuisine to shine through some of the world’s best produce. You’ll see artisanal cheeses, cured meats, olive oils and spices on the menu sourced directly from Crete and Cyprus. This is complemented by fresh seafood, gathered from Australia’s crystal coastline.
Start off light with Consistis’ interpretation of the classic Greek Nissiotiki Salad, featuring mixed heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, olives, sea urchin roe and pickled samphire. Move onto a plate of Grilled Halloumi, perfectly seasoned with fennel glyko, lemon and isot pepper. Signature dishes include Zucchini Fritters with eggplant hummus, blackened chickpeas and molasses, Halloumi Tart with rock lobster and grilled leeks, Braised Calamari and Grilled Chicken with carob, black figs, anthotyri and heirloom tomatoes. Finish on a sweet note with Kaltsounia, a ricotta tart with orange blossom honey and raki ice cream.

The drinks menu follows theme with bottles imported from Cyprus and Crete. There’s also a strong focus on showcasing local and biodynamic drops.

Settle in for the afternoon, Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm and allow yourself to be transported. Find out more and book here