Sydney’s Newest Beach Is 60km West Of The Eastern Suburbs

Play, Sydney / 29 November 2023
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Sydney’s Newest Beach Is 60km West Of The Eastern Suburbs

Play, Sydney / 29 November 2023

Western Sydney’s Penrith Beach is the answer to the impending summer heat.

In the heart of Western Sydney, where the sun’s embrace can be particularly intense, a new oasis is set to emerge, bringing a welcome respite to locals. Penrith, known for its scorching temperatures, is soon to be graced with its own beach, offering a haven for beachgoers tired of lengthy journeys to coastal destinations.

In a region where swimming spots are scarce, Western Sydney residents have often found themselves trekking substantial distances to Bondi, Manly, Cronulla, or even Lake Parramatta for a cooling dip. However, the upcoming arrival of Penrith Beach, a man-made wonder, is set to redefine summer leisure for the community.

Imagine a stretch of sandy shores, running parallel to the iconic Bondi Beach, inviting sun seekers to unwind in the midst of their own backyard. Penrith Beach, mirroring the length of Bondi, will open its sandy embrace seven days a week from late December to early March 2024, offering a local escape from the western heat.

Family relaxing by new man-made beach in Penrith in Western Sydney.

Accessibility is at the forefront of this beach initiative. Whether you choose to drive or opt for the convenience of a shuttle bus from Penrith train station, reaching this newfound oasis is designed to be a breeze. The beach, managed by the Department of Planning and Environment, emerges from a former quarry site, forming part of the broader Western Sydney Lakes project.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Western Sydney Prue Car emphasises the transformative impact of Penrith Beach on the local landscape. “Penrith Beach is a game-changer that gives the people of Western Sydney all the benefits of living in the west, with the addition of easy access to their very own beach,” she notes, acknowledging the significance of this project for the community.

As the beach becomes a reality in late December, its charm extends beyond the sandy shores. Lifeguard services and first aid stations ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, with disabled access catering to diverse needs. Penrith Beach isn’t just a seasonal escape; it’s a promise of community-centred leisure, where Western Sydney residents can enjoy the quintessential Australian beach experience closer to home.

Looking ahead, Penrith Beach might only be the beginning. Positioned as stage one of a potential permanent waterside development, the Western Sydney Lakes group envisions a vibrant precinct featuring a two-storey pavilion, a pier, film and TV studios, a wave park, and more. While this vision takes shape, the impending summer of 2024 promises locals a reason to rejoice – a beach to call their own, promising cool breezes and sun-soaked memories.

Come late December 2023, Penrith Beach will be open daily from 7 am to 7 pm, providing a local escape to beat the summer heat. Located at Castlereagh Road, Castlereagh, just outside of Penrith, this sandy haven is set to become a cherished destination for Western Sydney residents seeking solace by the water. Visit for additional details.