Peanut Butter Bar, Leichhardt

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 9 October 2017
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Peanut Butter Bar, Leichhardt

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 9 October 2017

Rejoice! We have a date for Sydney’s Peanut Butter Bar!

Lathering it in your sambo with jelly, mixing it it through gallons of ice-cream, eating it straight from the tub! Who doesn’t love peanut butter? The Peanut Butter Bar is coming to Leichhardt AND we have an open day. Leichhardt’s Norton Street dessert bar is set to open its doors THIS THURSDAY 12th October.
Husband and wife team, Nagib and Christine Elbakht have drawn upon inspiration from the 1970s classic film Rocky. The Peanut Butter Bar’s decor is said to be a modern reimagining of the fictional boxer’s training ground. Inside you’ll find painted murals on the walls of health heavy weights Muhammad Ali and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So, what can we expect on the menu? The Peanut Butter Bar will be providing nut lovers with more than just jars of the wholesome spread. Creamy milkshakes and cookies with specks of chocolate chips will all be given a vegan twist. Even the Peanut Butter Bar won’t escape the health food frenzy. Protein balls, muesli bars and protein bars will all be available. For those with a sweet tooth get ready for the no refined-sugar gelato.
Forget the preservatives and additives, Peanut Butter Bar promises to dish up natural servings of our favourite nutty spread. Sticking to it’s healthy dessert ethos, the Peanut Butter Bar is partnering with the US nut blenders from Buff Bake. The creators of the nutty pastes for the health-wise, Buff Bake will be helping Nagib and Christine create their peanut butter creations.
Smooth, crunchy, or in a milkshake. There are so many ways to have PB. Here’s hoping that the Peanut Butter Bar can add more inventive nutty concoctions to the mix!
Peanut Butter Bar
161 Norton Street, Leichhardt

Cover photo courtesy of Buff Bake.