From Home Kitchen To Haven, Pantry Story Finds A Permanent Spot In Stanmore

Eat, Sydney / 7 March 2024

Pantry Story’s Stanmore location boasts a central table overflowing with their signature brochi and other tempting treats.

Sydney’s inner west has a new spot to warm your heart (and satisfy your stomach) with freshly baked treats. Pantry Story, the brainchild of pastry chefs Mutiara Sucipto and Hari Wibowo, has transitioned from a popular home bakery and weekend market stall to a charming brick-and-mortar bakery in Stanmore.

Those familiar with Pantry Story’s journey will know their delectable creations are as much about passion as they are about deliciousness. Sucipto, a pastry student during lockdowns, began experimenting, drawing inspiration from her Chinese-Indonesian heritage. This led to the now-famous “brochi” – a delightful fusion of fudgy brownie and chewy mochi.

The Stanmore bakery itself holds a touch of serendipity. Originally intended as a commercial kitchen space, the couple stumbled upon it on Facebook Marketplace. Despite the unexpected location, the high ceilings and open layout resonated with them, and Pantry Story’s permanent home was born.

Stepping inside Pantry Story feels welcoming and familiar. The clean lines and neutral palette allow the baked goods to take centre stage. A large round table in the middle of the space showcases the day’s offerings, a homage to Wibowo’s memories of family gatherings around a similar table during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Pantry Story isn’t your typical bakery, where pastries are displayed behind a glass case. Here, you can get up close and personal with the menu, which boasts a delightful variety of sweet and savoury treats. The hero, of course, remains the brochi, but there’s plenty more to tempt your taste buds. There’s a vibrant pandan and java mochi cookie, its green hue a burst of colour. Or perhaps a fluffy pandan bun with a hidden centre of oozing pandan custard.

Circle crossiant table at Pantry Story

For those who prefer savoury, there’s kimchi and cheese focaccia, a unique twist on the classic Italian bread. The menu also features more traditional options like chocolate chip cookies and pork sausage rolls, all made with high-quality ingredients and a touch of Pantry Story magic.

The bakery also offers coffee from Stitch Coffee, ensuring you can pair your chosen pastry with a delicious caffeine hit.

Whether you’re a longtime social fan of Pantry Story or simply seeking a delightful bakery with a warm atmosphere, Stanmore’s newest resident is definitely worth a visit.

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