Dine Right On Wollongong’s Shores at Palisade Kitchen & Bar

Eat, Restaurants, Travel / 31 August 2023

Palisade Kitchen & Bar offers a panorama of North Wollongong Beach and cuisine to complement the view.

Just moments away from the pristine shores of North Wollongong Beach, the Palisade Kitchen & Bar emerges as a retreat where culinary and coastal beauty converge. Tucked away inside the local Novotel, guests can choose to dine indoors with enchanting waterfront views through floor-to-ceiling glass windows, or on the outdoor terrace soaking up the beachside ambiance. With a modern aesthetic and soothing tones of blue and white, the indoors and outdoors perfectly merge for a relaxing experience in the heart of the Illawarra.

The restaurant skillfully marries its breathtaking views with a delightful take on Mediterranean cuisine. Head Chef Robert Blackburn hails from Jervis Bay, bringing with him a wealth of experience from heartthrob South Coast venues including Hungry Monkey and Diggies. But his experience doesn’t stop there, as he also has Sydney restaurants including Ravesis and Ciirus Dining on his repertoire. His journey has imparted him with refined culinary skills and a network of esteemed suppliers, culminating in a celebration of local produce on every plate at Palisade.

Dish highlights include the Salt Baked Beetroot with Meredith Dairy goat milk yogurt, walnut crumb, and pomegranate, Pumpkin Risotto with crispy sage, sunflower seeds, parmigiana-reggiano, and white onion cream, and for meat aficionados, go for the Scotch Fillet, a succulent grain-fed Angus grilled to perfection and served with chimichurri. For those with a sweet tooth, we suggest saving room for the Banana Tart with almond and vanilla ice cream.

Adding to the allure of Palisade is the amiable Restaurant Manager, Benjamin Pupo. His expertise extends beyond managing operations; he curates an unparalleled dining experience by guiding guests through a delightful wine and cocktail selection. Pupo’s philosophy revolves around crafting cocktails that are both boozy and fresh, making them ideal for a sunny day in Wollongong.

Following an extensive refurbishment and a thoughtful rebrand, Palisade Kitchen & Bar emerges as a true embodiment of the Illawarra spirit. We highly recommend checking out the all-day dining offering on your next visit to Wollongong. Find out more here.

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