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Eat / December 2, 2015

Who needs to cook when you’ve got this list of Paddington cheap eats?

Eating out in Paddington is one of Sydney’s greatest foodie delights. But trendy is as trendy does, and dinner can often get a little pricey. A little digging can go a long way. Whether you love pizza, pasta or burgers, we’ve found the ultimate Paddington cheap eats and specials for $25 or under across the days of the week. Who needs to cook!

Paddington Cheap Eats The London
The London


Christo’s Five Ways Pizzeria, 224 Glenmore Road, Paddington
Thank Christo’s Five Ways Pizzeria it’s Monday! This Italian restaurant and bar has been dishing up pizza and pasta for nearly 30 years. On the first night of the week, it’s all about the $10 pasta. The Carbonara will egg you on with cream, bacon and mushrooms, while the mussels, green prawns, scallops of the Marinara will have your taste buds swimming.
The Light Brigade, 2A Oxford Street, Woollahra
Although iconic art deco pub The Light Brigade is technically in Woollahra, it basically sits on the Paddo boundary and so we thought we should throw it in the mix. You’ll be glad we did as their pizzas are only $15 on a Monday. Gorge on all the classics, from Margherita to Prosciutto be prepared to share on these wood fired creations. Of course there are vegetarian options available!
The London, 85 Underwood St, Paddington 
The London is a white-walled, corner pub institution! The name, however, is a bit of a misnomer as there is nothing British about its design or food. The industrial-chic decor and beer garden provide the perfect backdrop for their mod Oz menu. Even though their wings are only $1 on Mondays, we guarantee that you will be leaving with a little more than a full belly.
The Royal Hotel, 237 Glenmore Road, Paddington
Bustling, destination pub The Royal Hotel has been pulling beers and locals since 1886. With three levels and a rooftop bar with views of Sydney’s skyline, it is the perfect place to beat the Monday blues. For only $15, their schnitzels from 5pm are an absolutely scrumptious bargain and the perfect way to get you through the first day of the week.
Vino e Cucina, 211 Glenmore Road, Paddington
Mamma mia! Italian restaurant and bar Vino e Cucino go mad every Monday, Mad Pizza that is. Fresh from their deck pizza oven and for only $20, it’s all you can eat pizza with a drinks purchase. Gamberi, Siciliana, Diavoletta, Mezzaluna, Calzone, Zoccoletta, take your pick, the list goes on. With pizzas as delicious as this, you’d be mad to miss out.

Paddington Cheap Eats Cheekyburger


Cheekyburger, 312 Oxford Street, Paddington
American-style diner Cheekyburger is known for its “unapologetic burgers and booze”. You’ll want to case the joint as their cheeseburger, shroom burger, and cheeky porker are some of this city’s finest. Head over on a Tuesday when they are only $10 with any drink purchase.
Christo’s Five Ways Pizzeria, 224 Glenmore Road, Paddington
Christo’s Five Ways Pizzeria is at it again. Any medium pizza is only $12 on a Tuesday. The Tre Fromaggi is a cheesy offering with fior di latte, gorgonzola, and parmesan, while the Calabrese is a meat lovers dream with mozzarella, tomato, calabrese salami, and red chilli. Feed the family, feed the neighbours, or just feed yourself.
The Grand National Hotel, 161 Underwood Street, Paddington
It’s a vegan-free zone at The Grand National Hotel on a Tuesday as there is $15 rump steaks with any purchase of beer or wine. Choose between a juicy 300 gram rump, a tender 350 gram New York strip, and a nice 350 gram T-bone.
The Light Brigade, 2A Oxford Street, Woollahra
Tuesday night is date night at the The Light Brigade! With two for one meals and a mighty long menu, you and your significant other have a lot to choose from! Burgers, sangas, jaffles, tacos, nachos, salads, and more. Clearly there’s no need to be stealing food from anyone’s plate.
The London, 85 Underwood St
Whether you want to be naughty or nice, The London have you covered. Burgers and salads are only $10 on Tuesdays.
The Royal Hotel, 237 Glenmore Road
Who isn’t craving a burger on a Tuesday night? With every burger for $15, sink your teeth into something greasy and delicious at The Royal Hotel.
Paddington Cheap Eats The Royal
The Royal Hotel


Cheekyburger, 312 Oxford Street, Paddington
Paddo favourite Cheekyburger does more than just burgers. So if chicken wings are more to your taste, you’ll be excited to know that their crunchy batter offerings with cayenne pepper hot sauce. Only $1 on Wednesday nights after 5pm, make sure to get there early as they fly out the door!
The Light Brigade, 2A Oxford Street, Woollahra
The Light Brigade throws a hump day lifeline with their $15 Schnitty’s. Served with paris mash, house gravy and slaw, what are you waiting for?
The Grand National Hotel, 161 Underwood Street, Paddington
You’ll want to get schnitfaced at The Grand National Hotel on a Wednesday night. The chicken schnitzel is only $15.
The London, 85 Underwood St, Paddington
Wednesday night at The London will have you spinning. It’s two for one pizza night. The Pepperoni Pig will have you snorting, spice up your life with the Chilli Chicken, and there’s nothing shy about the Hot Salami.
The Royal Hotel, 237 Glenmore Road
The Royal Hotel knows how to up the stakes. On Wednesday, their succulent steak with chips and salad is only $15.

Paddington Cheap Eats schnitzel
The Grand National


The Light Brigade, 2A Oxford Street, Woollahra
Butter those buns! On Thursday night is Steak Night at The Light Brigade. Only $15 and served with battered chips, chop salad and house gravy you’ll be stumped.
The London, 85 Underwood St, Paddington
Who doesn’t love a steak served with fries, or salad, or both? At The London their $14 steak is served just so. Slather on top some mushroom, pepper, or Paris butter sauce. C’est magnifique!

Paddington Cheap Eats The Royal


The Royal Hotel, 237 Glenmore Road, Paddington 
A liquid dinner awaits you at The Royal Hotel. From 6:30pm to 7.30pm, head up to the Elephant Bar & Rooftop for sweet tunes and $10 cocktails. You’ll feel like a queen with a Royal G&T with gin, apricot brandy, strawberry and grapefruit zest. The Espresso Martini will have you shaken not stirred with Belvedere Vodka Licor 43, butterscotch, dark chocolate liqueur, and espresso with house made honeycomb.

Paddington Cheap Eats cocktails

The Light Brigade


The Light Brigade, 2A Oxford Street, Woollahra
Keeping on theme, The Light Brigade have $10 Espresso Martinis from 4pm to 6pm. Enjoy the Martini with a secret blend of Ketel One Vodka, Kahlua, Café Patron, Espresso Coffee.

Paddington Cheap Eats The Light Brigade


The Light Brigade, 2A Oxford Street, Woollahra
It’s all about the Favourites Menu on Sunday at The Light Brigade. The $22 Sunday Roast is here to help you. It is the perfect fix for your end of weekend laziness.
The Paddington Inn, 338 Oxford Street, Paddington 
It’s Share Platter Sunday at The Paddington Inn. Grab your mates and kick back while listening to the live music. Taste buds will be set to tingle with their party-friendly platters. Try the slow-cooked lamb, the smoked salmon or the charcuterie platter. What’s $25 amongst friends?

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