Merivale’s Tottis Opens Up A New Takeaway Pizza Joint, Oti’

Eat, Sydney / 16 May 2023

Featuring a rotating selection of pizza by the slice.

If you’re a local Sydney foodie, you’ve probably heard Tottis come up more than a few times when scouring the best of the best. From their famous wood-fired bread to their antipasti selections and fresh pastas, it’s become a haven for many Italian lovers. Now, the team at Merivale alongside group executive chef Mike Eggert have taken it a step further with Oti’, a new joint serving up pizza by the slice and schiacciata sandwiches. 

It’s the casual counterpart of Totti’s, inspired by Totti’s signature burrata and wood-fired bread combo. Oti’ is your classic Italian sandwich shop, featuring a changing menu of fresh pizza and sandwiches, layered with meats and cheese. The secret comes in two parts. The first: Roman-style bread dough, from the talent of Vincenzo Biondini and Sara Masi, renowned for their mastery behind Merivale’s bread program. Oti’’s dough is doughy and fluffy with each bite, so remarkable that even Eggert himself is impressed beyond words. The second part is their sauce. It’s a secret recipe, with one for a rich red sauce and the other for a cheesy white sauce. Oti’ focuses on using premium ingredients for the base, so every pizza can be elevated.

There’s no proper menu at Oti’, but instead a daily selection of pizzas and sandwiches posted on Instagram before the store’s opening. It changes based on what produce is in season but is priced between $12 – $15. You can expect a variety of delicious meats such as prosciutto, salami, smoked chicken, and even beef tongue. The meats are then topped with a selection of eight cheeses, including Eggert’s renowned burrata, along with mozzarella and ricotta. Naturally, vegetarians are well taken care of, with non-meat toppings also available. 

It’s already making waves through the Sydney food scene, described as a ‘change in how we eat Italian food’. There’s no bookings and no tables at Oti’, making it the classic quintessential takeaway joint. Although lines can stretch back, once you’re in, you’ll be out with a delicious slice of pizza and a fresh sandwich in mere minutes. 

Oti’ is located at Shop/5 Palings Lanes (the former Lorraine’s Patisserie), and is open daily from 11am. For more information, visit their website here.