Virtual Reality Skiing and Snowboarding Has Landed in Sydney

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 10 January 2018

Hit the slopes all year-round using this state-of-the-art virtual reality technology.

If pictures of your friends skiing and snowboarding adventures in the northern hemisphere have you feeling a little blue, fret not as a brand new virtual reality experience has arrived to Sydney. Off-Piste frees you of lengthy lines, chair lifts and the bitter cold with its epic ski and snowboard simulators.
So how does it work? Smart sensors are able to track the movements of your skis and snowboard, with multiple built-in sensors mapping your parameters such as the position of the skis on the slope and edging angles. This combined with powerful motors, software and HD graphics offer the simulation of the physics and bio-mechanics of skiing and snowboarding.
off piste virtual reality
Off-Piste is located in Moore Park’s Entertainment Quarter and you’ll be pleased to know that they’re open seven days a week. Each session includes your choice of ski or snowboard imitator, rental boot fitting, one-on-one warm up and a personalised simulator training session with an instructor.
If you’re thinking that such an experience is going to burn a hefty hole in your pocket, think again. The starting cost is fairly reasonable, at $30 for 15 minutes on the slopes, increasing to $45 for 30 minutes and $70 for an hour.
virtual reality
If you’ve never been skiing or snowboarding but are keen to try it out, beginners are encouraged to learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding in a safe and warm environment. Alternatively, if you’re a seasoned snow bunny, this virtual reality experience lets you master your carving technique.
To get more information and to book yourself in for a session time, you can check out Off-Piste’s official website here
Off-Piste Ski + Snowboard Simulators
The Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Road, Moore Park, NSW