Welcome To Glebe Nu’u by Nativo

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 15 August 2023

From humble beginnings as a small taqueria to a 60-seat restaurant and mezcal bar in Glebe, Nativo Mexican’s journey continues to thrive!

Last year, Pyrmont welcomed the delicious debut of Nativo Mexican, a cosy taqueria founded by Chef Manuel Diaz and Diana Farrera. And now, they’re back with an even bigger fiesta! Get ready to spice up your life with Nu’u by Nativo—a vibrant Mexican restaurant and mezcal bar in Glebe, swinging open its doors on August 18th.

Say “hello” to “Nu’u,” pronounced as “nu”—it’s a word borrowed from the Mixtec language, a tribe hailing from Oaxaca, Mexico. It means “land” or “ground,” capturing the essence of how earth’s treasures are harvested. Oaxaca holds a special place in Manuel and Diana’s hearts since it’s where they grew up, where mezcal first came to life, and where food is celebrated like nowhere else. Their new venture, Nu’u by Nativo, is a joyful nod to the vibrant Oaxacan spirit and its rich indigenous roots.

At Nu’u, Manuel whips up culinary magic from scratch, gathering ingredients right from the land, local farmers, and city markets. The menu is a harmonious blend of Oaxacan and south Mexican flavours, carefully woven into 18 delicious small plates meant to be shared and savoured. Every dish tells a story of Oaxaca’s indigenous heritage, infused with a dash of Aussie charm. Manuel embraces time-honoured cooking techniques like metate (traditional stone grinding) and slow cooking in green clay pots from Oaxaca, delivering an authentic taste of Oaxacan goodness Down Under. From Memela Del Mercado to Chile Relleno, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Diana Farrera, the maestro behind the bar, wears a unique title—Australia’s only certified “Mezcologist.” She’s curated a mezcal-inspired drinks menu that dances with flavours, thanks to her collaboration with celebrated Oaxacan mixologists. Expect an enticing range of “mezcalinas,” each named after inspiring women from Oaxaca’s history including Juana Cata and Maria Sabina.

Set on a charming Victorian terrace on Glebe Point Road, Nu’u radiates the vibrant energy of Oaxaca blended with Sydney’s bohemian vibes. The two-story venue invites you to unwind on its open terrace or peek into the bustling open kitchen—where the magic happens. The decor, showcasing Alebrijes wood carved figures, red clay sculptures, and handcrafted weaving wares, paints a picture of indigenous craftsmanship from Oaxaca.

Just like Oaxaca’s tight-knit community, Nu’u welcomes you with open arms to relish an authentic Mexican experience right in the heart of Glebe. Olé! Find out more here.