Muse Clinic

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 3 March 2015

When I think about cosmetic clinics I picture stark white interiors, bright lights beaming down and perfect looking assistants walking around in white lab coats giving me fixed expressions and half smiles.
I guess I haven’t had much experience with these sorts of places so I was shocked and a little confused when I first checked out Muse Clinic on Little Oxford St in Surry Hills. It opened mid 2014 and i’d heard they have an amazing gallery space we could potentially use for a Secret Foodies dinner. An art gallery within a cosmetic clinic – this should have been the first hint that things work differently at Muse.
Firstly, there’s no signage out the front of this lane way clinic. They appear to have taken the lead from Sydney’s best hidden small bars and kept discreet about their location. Only those in the know could discover this place.
Look for the skull above the door and buzz to enter. Make your way up the white staircase and enter a beautiful studio space with dark, polished timber floors, antique chesterfield lounges, and a large, lush palm tree. Keep walking and look up to find a giant shiny disco ball hanging from the high ceilings. This is a cosmetic clinic? Well, partly yes and it’s also an art gallery.
On the first floor is a long open plan room with art hanging on the walls. Boutique exhibitions from local and international artists rotate through the space for those who appreciate beauty in all forms of life.
Upstairs is the clinic where Dr Zac Turner and his team perform treatments and health consultations. It’s a very cool space, nothing like i’d imagined and there is lots to look at, including that giant disco ball.
This naive little lady is full of questions. The gallery space is amazing and we’ll definitely use it for events but i’m curious about what goes on in this clinic. What happens when you take a seat in Dr Zac’s chair?
I’m told it all starts with an initial consultation that goes for 45mins to an hour. In this time Zac does a biological age assessment of your skin, discusses your health goals with a holistic approach, gives you a skin analysis and a skin plan depending on your lifestyle. If you’re a heavy smoker and go out drinking every night you’re going to have different requirements than someone who’s a health nut. What about a humble food and drinks writer with a penchant for strong Old Fashioned’s? I’m yet to find out. I booked in to use the gallery for a Secret Foodies event and then a consult for next week! Watch this space.
Special Offer
Muse are offering Ms Darlinghurst’s readers a complimentary initial consultation at Muse worth $150. This will include:

  • 45mins to 1 hour consult with Dr Zac
  • Biological age assessment of your skin
  • Overall discussion of your health goals
  • A skin analysis
  • Detailed skin plan depending on your lifestyle

To redeem this offer phone (02) 8283 8885 and mention Ms Darlinghurst.
155 Little Oxford Street DARLINGHURST
F. muse clinic
P. (02) 8283 8885