Mrs Sippy New Menu, Double Bay

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 1 February 2017

There’s more to Mrs Sippy than courtyard cocktails- eat your way through their new menu.

The menu at Double Bay hot spot, Mrs Sippy, has been given a facelift by new head chef Andréanne Pelletier. Hailing from Quebec, Pelletier has spent the last four years in Sydney. She explained, as we enjoyed an Aperol Spritz aperitif, “This new menu encompasses my entire career. There are some Asian influences, some of the St John’s philosophies like minimising waste and sourcing local ingredients, and some Middle Eastern flavours.”
mrs sippy interior
mrs sippy cocktails
To start, we indulge in the Freshly Shucked Sydney Rock Oysters ($4 each), which are served with citrus mignonette, kaffir lime and shiso. Fresh, smooth and decadent, the citrus mignonette gave them an unlikely yet delicious aftertaste.
mrs sippy oysters
Continuing the citrus theme was the thinly-sliced Citrus Cured Kingfish Carpaccio ($18). The tangy fish, zesty lemon and sweet pomegranate made for an mouthwatering combination that was described as “decadent” by many of my fellow diners.
mrs sippy kingfish
Also from the antipasti menu was the flavourful Spiced Pork Belly ($18), which was served with betel leaves, lending an unexpected Asian twist to the delicious, bite-sized morsels.
mrs sippy pork
Before the main courses arrived, we were treated to a beautifully light, summer salad of Green Beans, Garden Peas, Grapefruit and Radicchio ($20).
mrs sippy salad
The absolute highlight of the menu was the Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder ($30 for half) that comes with a white bean puree, calvoro nero and dukkah. It’s juicy and tender and practically falls off the bone, making it easy to share (although you might not want to!).
mrs sippy lamb
One of the most popular mains of the evening was the Wood Roasted Whole Chicken  ($25 for half, $40 for a whole). It is like no chicken dish you’ve ever tasted before. Served with walnuts, chilli, mint and tarator sauce, the words “out of control” were bandied about the table as people picked it up in their hands and devoured it. The dish was inspired by the campaign Cook4Syria, which raises money for UNICEF to help refugees, and matched perfectly with the Roasted Cauliflower ($12) with tahini and Sumac.
mrs sippy chicken
mrs sippy cauliflower
For the vegetarians, there was a Chargrilled Whole Baby Snapper (market price), which was served with a delicious mango relish, curry leaves and lime. It was soft and tender, subtle yet flavoursome, and the bones were picked clean in a matter of minutes.
mrs sippy snapper
For dessert, we sank our spoons into a deliciously spongy Chocolate Fondant ($14), which was dished up with salted toffee and crushed macadamia nuts. The creamy, warm centres oozed out perfectly and ran into the ice cream, making it my absolute favourite dish of the evening.
mrs sippy dessert
Finally, we loosened our belts and dug into the Strawberry and Rosewater Ice Cream Sandwich ($16). With roasted pistachios and real sliced strawberries, it had an unusual texture but was definitely both filling and satisfying.
mrs sippy icecream
Between courses, Andréanne flitted between tables, making sure that we were full and happy, and offering recipe tips and tricks to the culinary enthusiasts at the table. Food is served daily at Mrs Sippy from lunchtime until close, making it the perfect place to dine at any time.
Mrs Sippy
37 Bay Street, Double Bay
Website. You can reserve a table here.
Thank you to Mrs Sippy for the invite. We’re looking forward to going back in particular for the roast chicken and chocolate fondant.
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