Sip Your Way Through Modus Operandi’s Tropical, Low-Cal Locally Brewed XPA This Summer

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 25 November 2020

Quench your thirst this summer with fresh, local beer from Beaches’ locals Modus Operandi.

There’s nowhere else we’d rather be during the summer months than the beaches of Australia. With the sand and sea on your doorstep, it’s the ultimate spot to soak in the sunshine with a refreshing drink in hand. If you’re looking to do just that, we’ve found the must-try local beer that will be your go-to drink this summer.

Say hello to Modus Operandi’s latest release, their new XPA beer. Freshly brewed with the finest specialty hops, this brand new brew captures the taste of long summer nights in a can.

There are three reasons why this beer is the perfect summer drink. Firstly, it delivers a refreshing, tropical punch with a crisp, clean finish to bring on the laidback summer vibes. Next. it’s lower in calories than your usual brews, meaning you can sip, savour the flavour, and repeat as often as you like this summer.

Plus, this top-notch brew is locally made, meaning every drink you buy helps this beached brewed crew from Modus craft more award-winning beers like this. The best bit? You can score a 4-pack of Modus Operandi’s new XPA from your favourite bottle-o or via their online store for delivery to your door.

Want to try this new brew on-tap? Visit Modus Operandi’s brewpub at 14 Harkeith Street, Mona Vale. Open Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 10 pm and Friday to Saturday from 12 pm to midnight. And this just in… Modus is opening a brand-new state-of-the-art brewery in Newcastle in 2021 (more details coming soon).

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